Quinoa pronounced as Keen-wa /Kin-wa is grain like seed which is packed with nutrition. I’ve been trying to incorporate this in our Indian cooking and found Idlis are the best way to introduce this new grain.  Its quite mild when made this way and doesn’t interfere much with the taste.  You can gradually adjust the proportion to 1:1 once you  get acquainted with the taste.



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3 cups Idli Rice
1 cup Quinoa
1 cup Whole urad dal
4 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Fenugreek seeds



Always choose a Quinoa which is pre-washed and I choose this brand “Bob’s Red Mill Organic grain Quinoa” from Walmart.

Idli rice with fenugreek seeds

Quinoa soaked after rinsing twice


Whole Urad dal soaked

 Soak idli rice, quinoa and urad dal separate bowls filled with enough water. You may include the fenugreek seeds either in dal or rice.  I used whole black dal with skin and thats why used the fenugreek in rice. Let them soak overnight.

The next day rinse the rice, quinoa and urad dal. (if using them dal with skin on then you need wash off the skin before grinding)

First grind the urad dal with little water until fluffy.  When you drop a dollop of the ground urad dal batter in water, it should float and thats the right conistency.

Urad dal batter testing

Now grind the rice and quinoa together until it reaches soft rava conistency.

Mix this with the urad dal batter along with salt and cover to ferment.

You may keep this in a preheated warm oven or warm microwave to ferment overnight.

The next day the batter will be doubled and look airy.

Gently mix and scoop them into the idli moulds and steam for 7-8 minutes over medium flame. Switch off and let it rest for few seconds.

Scoop the idlis and serve with hot chutney or podi.


They taste like regular idlis but with little sticky feel, the colour of it will be pale bone white.  The batter works good for dosa, making it easy to spread on the tawa. The only downside is the color of idlis and the dosas don’t keep crispy for too long. Better when served hot!

Yield: 18 -20 idlis.



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  • Vani Doraisamy

    An excellent recipe. For those of you worried about your idlies not being fluffy enough, here is a tip that will never fail, in any kind of idly batter. Add half a cup of cooked rice to your batter while grinding and you will end up with super soft idlies.

  • Jas

    Hi mullai, thanks for the recipe. I tried exactly using the same measurement and it came out fine, a bit tough. So added a pinch of soda to the other batch of idli’s and came out fine. The next time, I tried adding 1:1 ratio of both rice and quinoa and it did come out fine, ofcourse with a pinch of soda. I don’t see the soda ingredient in your recipe. Does it turn out to be soft and fluffy without that soda? What’s the secret? Kindly share. Thanks again for the posting.

  • hema

    hi there,

    you can use quinoa prewashed and organic( from costco),when u are cooking rice which is a g8 alternative and kids wont even know that….for adultsI tried substitute instead of rice which turned out awesome…hope this helps……


  • vijipurushoth

    can u tell me what is Quinoa please as so far i have never heard this. wanted to taste after seeing the photo. await your reply. Thanks….

  • sweety

    As I mentioned in my earlier feedback, I made this twice. It turned out great. Thank You Mullai. It’s really a great alternative to plain white idlis. I made the batter very watery the first time, so made only dosas. But last night, I made the batter thick. This morning I made mini idlis for my 4yr old son, they were super fluffy and tasted great ,(he eats plain mini idlis with nothing to dip) he loved it.

    Here after I will never make plain white idli/dosa – I will always make like this. I made my batter like
    Idli rice – 5cups
    Urad dal – 1.5cup
    Quinoa – 1.5cup
    methi seeds-1 spoon

  • Manju

    Mullai, Awesome recipe. Tried it and was an instant hit.
    Actually the dosas did turn crispy.

  • sweety

    great recipe. I regularly use quinoa in place of rice with sambar, rasam ,and curries.

    I read somewhere quinoa can also be made into a ‘podi mix’ just like paruppu podi…In the picture Dosa looks fabulous for sure. Idlis – I am not sure if my family will agree:-) though I would love it.

    But this one sure sounds so healthy, and hearty. I will try this tonight, and post the feedback…..I have tried your ‘raagi dosa’ before and loved it.


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