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  1. Jothi

    I did it using a non-stick…but thiri..thiri-ya poyiduchunga Mullai…this is the first one that didn’t come well by following ut steps…damn sure I missed something….is it the vessel ? cooking time ??
    I cooked for almost 1 hour and was not like a halwa….
    please advise

    1. Mullai

      Jyothi, 1 hour konjam adhikam than!! But the consistency will be grainy something similar to carrot halwa) and don’t expect to be too smooth. Type of vessel doesn’t really matter, if your grated pumpkin has more water then it sometimes curdles the milk. Fry the grated pumpkin until its free from water and then proceed, plus once you add sugar and milk the halwa should be ready in next 10 to 15 minutes. Keeping them on tawa for long may add to the problem like you mentioned.. sugar might get crystalized. Thanks.

  2. Sudha S

    Awesome mullai.
    Do we need to squeeze out the juice from the pumpkin? earlier, I have tried with the grated pumpkin without taking out the juice and cooked the pumpkin till the water evaporates and it was so time consuming..
    Ur version looks yummy and easy too. will try…

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