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  1. Newbie

    Wanna try this …but how do I use tamarind extract that’s already ready made? What are the proportions for it and do I need to simmer that ?

    1. Mullai

      Just my 2 cents, pulihora taste better when made with fresh tamarind and store bought paste doesn’t work good. If no option, then try 1 tbsp tamarind paste diluted with little water, add the talimpu to the paste and simmer for few a couple of minutes just enough to separate the oil. No need to simmer for long time as its already concentrated. Thanks.

  2. Aruna Deepak

    Hi Mullai, Wonderful recipe. I am planning for an outdoor picnic. So can I mix this with rice (also lemon rice), freeze it and take it with me? Will this remain still fit to eat at this point of time in the year(I stay in NJ!!!) The problem is I dont have a chiller box and we have to stay the whole day outside and use this for night. I can reheat it once I reach the hotel. I would love to have your word of advice on this plan since I have to give this for my kid as well. Thanks in advance!!!

  3. Jas

    Looks very attractive. Will give it a try sometime and let you know the feedback. Thanks for those beautiful, step by step pictures. How do u take those pictures? And how is the procedure to post it on this site. Kindly brief it. Thanks Mullai once again. You are a great cook!

  4. aarthi

    that looks really great……..as like kovil pulihora.am a great fan of this site coz am not a expert in cooking and ur receipes teaches like learning from our mother….keep going

  5. Visitor

    Hi Mullai,

    Need one clarification.You have said to sprinkle turmeric in rice.Won’t there be any raw smell from the turmeric powder?


    1. Visitor


      I tried this tamarind rice as per Mullai mam’s instruction. Believe me, it came out extremely well. We all enjoyed and for the first time Puliyodarai was a big hit in our house is only due to Mullai mam’s recipe.

      I too sprinkled turmeric powder but there was no raw smell.

      Just give a try and enjoy!!


  6. Kalai

    I tried this yesterday together with potato masala, it turn out very well and I’m going to do this frequent now onwards.

    You can also add abit of rice to give crispy taste here and there when you eat pulihora. just fry a bit of rice without oil and add it last to pulihora and mix it.

    Thanks and regards,

    1. Visitor

      Aha kalai

      munaeriteenga ulunthu maavu kadalai maavu confusion poiducha? neegalae tips kuduka aarambichuteenga

      good good good mullai yellam unga website dhan kaaranam vazhga valarga

  7. kavitha79

    Hi Mullai i tried this recepie last week for my special saturday pooja, it came out very well. My huband loved this and we all enjoyed, becoz of you. Thanks a lot. God bless you.

  8. mercyusha

    Hi Mullai,

    I have tried puliohara many times before, but today is the first time my puliohara tastes very good. Its because of your wonderful recipe. Keep going!!!
    Am almost done with half of your recipes.


    1. Visitor

      Hi Mullai,

      you r rocking. the way you present is excellent.
      we can the effort u take to post each & every recipe.
      I’m sure u r husband will be enjoying and praising you for all the dishes.
      Our best wishes are always there for you.

  9. latha.mn

    Dear Mullai, Hats off to your presentation, It was so tempting to have a look and of course to have the whole pulihora.I was not able to stop me to encourage you for your beautiful presentation. This is the speciallity of this site to have the wonderful presentation, so that automatically the viewers are addicted to try the recipe and ofcourse the "TASTE"  Tongue out is superb. GOD BLESS. love latha

    1. Mullai

      Thank you Latha, You made my day!!!!  thanks for appreciating my post and for those boosting supportive words. Glad to have such encouraging members.

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