Puff Pastry Pinwheels – Easy Puff Pastry Appetizer Recipes

Written by Mullai

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    1. Mullai

      Hello Vanu,
      Yes you can use fresh spinach, make sure you wash and drain all the water and saute it with the veggies. The mixture should be slightly on the dry side. Hope this helps and thanks for visiting! Do click pic and send it to us for our fan page. Thanks again.

  1. Subha

    I am planning for a party n I am going to make them n I have a debt can I make the roll with stuffing n put them in freezer n then next day can I take it out cut n bake it in oven ?

    1. Mullai

      Once thawed, pastry sheet cannot go back in the freezer. Instead you can bake them and keep them at room temperature and warm it up in the oven before serving. Heat the oven to 200 F and warm it up until you serve, some ovens have warm and hold setting too.

  2. Sania

    I have made these for about 4 times now and I just can’t have it enough. They are excellent. I like to add jalopenos to my stuffing because I like it spicy. But they are good either way. THANK YOU MULLAI!!!

  3. Iris

    I am making tonight for Sunday. I am surprised at your note that says I can keep them at room temp for 2 days. It is filled with cheese. It does not have to be refrigerated? Please respond asap. It’s in the oven now:)

  4. keerthi1224

    hi mullai……sounds interesting.i am anew fan. i have started trying all of ur recipes and everything turns out to be great. thanks a ton for helping so many people.

  5. shivani27

    Hi Mullai ma'am..Can Monterrey jack cheese be substituted with mozarella cheese..?A very big thank u for all your recipes…U are simply superb..!!

  6. jlakshmi


    I tried this y’day , but did not have parchment paper, couldn’t wait for that, so tried with baling tray lined on Aluminium foil, 2 % burned on the bottom, but otherwise it was good. I think next time I will improve this recipe.


  7. dnaraya6

    Hi Mullai,
    even i live in detroit michigan northville and i need to know where can we get parchment paper.
    if you let me know that will be great help thanx

    1. Mullai

      Parachment paper is available at all Meijers locations. Check the baking section where they have cake decorations and other baking stuff. Sams club also has it but sell in big packs. Check whether its oven safe bcos some brands are not really good and they turn brown when used for baking.

  8. techy

    i am eager to do this recipe it looks awesome mullai.can any one tell me in which stores this puff pastry sheets are available i am in nj.thanks in advance

    1. Mullai

      Friends from New Jersey, pls guide this member with the information. Techy, I've seen this at Traders Joe, so if there's one close by, check with them. Now there are two varieties in this, one is the shell and the other one is sheet. Only sheets suits this recipe, check before buying. Thanks.

    2. abhimuthu


      Puff Pastry sheets is available in Shop Rite, Path Smart, AP fresh etc.

      It is in the frozen section. Ask for help if you could not find it.

  9. jlakshmi


    I am surely going to try this evening. I have all the ingredients, even the pastry sheets, I bought them to make Puff’s , after seeing your recipe, This one seems very interesting. Very creative


  10. Sudharavi

    Hi Mullai,

    Can I use soy shred Mozzarella flavor cheese instead of Monterrey jack cheese.Thank u Mullai,Nice evening snack.

    1. Mullai

      Sudha, I’ve never tried those Soy cheese.. heard they were good. Could be a good alternative, hey why don’t you try and let me know. Can you share a topic or picture about those soy cheese. Bit curious to know, which brand did you try??

      1. Sudharavi

        Hi Mullai,

        I am using Melissa's soy shred Mozzarella flavor cheese . It's very good on Pizza,salads and pasta.It's very good alternative to Regular cheese b'coz it contains calcium ,0% cholesterol.Anyways I will try puffs with this cheese today evening and will update the outcome.I already used the cheese for pizza and pasta ,so I will buy new pack and post the pic soon. Thank u mullai.Have a nice day.

  11. divya mubarak

    mullai….varthaiyeee……sathiyama vara mattengudhu unagala pugazha,…..super…will try this out…thank u…

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