Pudina pulao

Written by Mullai

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  1. Divya

    You got very nice and innovative recipes. I tried your pudina pulao, came good but one thing,
    the rice was grainy but with little lumps. If
    I mix when hot it gets mushed. So how to avoid lumps and stir rice once cooked. (basmati rice 1:2 ratio for 2 whistles, I suite rice for 2 mins then add water)


  2. Sumi

    Hi Mullai,

    I tried the pudina pulao for lunch today.Turned out extremely well. was very aromatic and yummy:) Had it with pappad and curd.

  3. Vaishnavi

    Mullai Madam,

    I was bored on what to cook for Saturday when ur website came to the rescue…I know this is an old post of urs but it is still fresh.Cooked this for Saturday’s lunch and came out superb.Measurements are just perfect. My husband loved it, Served it with Okra fry, Raitha and papad…Just toasted cashews in ghee and added at the end as my husband loves cashews…

  4. roshu

    I tried out this recipe tonoght and it turned out to be sooooooooooo nice….Thanks so much for the recipe…Keep up the good job… 🙂

  5. laksbaby

    Hello Mullai, Thank You so much for this awesome recipe.I tried this recipe yesterday night,beleive me it turned out awesome, but i added extra greenchillies and mint also for more flavour.You are great. – Sandhya

  6. PriyaManjunath

    I tried this recipe yesterday it was tasty..i also added potato cubes & little lemon juice before serving.


  7. Diya


    Thanks for sharing the recipe. Could you tell me what the bud-headed spice is in the photo? Its to the right of the cinnamon sticks. Is it the mentioned ingredient- java pepper? Iam confused coz the images for java pepper(cubeb)that came up in google search do not look like the ones in this picture…Hope to hear back soon.

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