Prawn Puttu

Written by Mullai

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  1. Nimmy

    Hi Mullai,

    Made this dish today for lunch.It came out very well.My hubby liked it a lot.Thanks for such wonderful recipes.Keep posting more
    simple,easy,quick to make and delicious dishes.Have a fabulous weekend ! Take care.


  2. Mageshwari

    Thanks Mullai for the recipe. I tried this last evening, it came out real good and my family thoroughly enjoyed it.
    The only variation I did was, grind half the amount of shrimp and cut the rest into small pieces so that my fussy 5 yr old could see it, feel the chunky pieces and eat it.
    Thanks again.

  3. Rose

    Hey Mullai,
    Prawn puttu came out very well and my family members appreciated me for this
    dish ..Thank You and I didnt add any masala powders yet it had a
    wonderful flavour ….Once more i would like to thank u for this scrumptious
    dish ..


  4. rose

    Hi Mullai,
    After seeing ur fish puttu i was so tempted to cook this dish …i drove to my nearby
    farmer’s market my surprise i found only prawns today ….gonna prepare prawn puttu !!

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