Potato Kurma – Aloo Kurma – Side dish for Poori, Chapati, Idli, Dosa

Potato Kurma

Written by Mullai

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  1. apx7

    Looks like a tasty recipe…Can I substitute white sesame seeds for the poppy seeds..Is there any other substitute that can be used in its place or can it be optiona?plz guide
    …hope the taste doesn’t differ

  2. dazzltulip

    Hi mullai, thanks for presenting such a mouth drooling kurma recipe which I’ ve been looking for so long time. Finally got this one. I’ve prepared this as a side dish for Chappati tonight, came out really awesome. Hats off to you mullai…

  3. Madhuprem

    I tried today for dinner as side dish with chapathi, also added a few vegetables like cauliflower, carrot, beans and peas and reduced the potato to one medium. Waiting for my husband to come, will taste it and update again.

  4. Ron

    Hi Mullai Akka,

    Iam planning to make peas pulaov for vege.frnd of ours.
    Thought of making this aloo kurma as side..Will this go for peas pulao…As i dnt hav panner..i dnt hav uch options..
    Plz suggest me if u hav anyelse in mind..

    Have a pleasent and a great day 🙂
    Thank u…


    1. Mullai

      Potato kurma sounds good, throw some more veggies to make it chunkier.. cauliflower, carrots, etc. Onion raita will be one good additional item. Thanks.

    1. Mullai

      Mercy, you can follow this recipe for mushroom but pressure cooking will make it too mushy. Just saute the mushrooms and onion,cover and cook for sometimes, then follow the rest. Hope this helps.

    1. Mullai

      Sandhya, thanks for your kind feedback. The same recipe works good with brinjal, turnip, mixed country vegetables, Kondakadalai etc. Just try with your favorite veggie pick and enjoy.

  5. shan

    I tried this receipe for Chapathi, it came-out well and the taste was good. In NJ, we will get the small-medium sized potato’s like India. So, i just used 3 nos. As you mentioned, using more potato’s will made the gravy/kurma thick, that’s true. Thanks for your receipe.

  6. Visitor

    Hi if you got my first e-mail, please disregard this one — I must have hit the wrong key because all of a sudden I was back at my home page.

    I love potato kormas and would like to try this recipe as it looks wonderful! Tell me please what is the measurement “no”? I was guessing that it means “number” — but then proportion wise it doesn’t seem correct to have only 1 potato in a potato korma. Thank you very much — Rena

    1. Mullai


      You have guessed it right, its number (no) and the proportions are right too. Since you are from US, must be knowing the size a regular potato that you get here. They are pretty much big when compared to the ones you get in India. Moreover, at my place we like our kurma consistency lightly thin, if you wish to have it thick, just increase the count. The reason why I mentioned 1 potato is, mostly potatoes tend to suck all the juice from the kurma, after sometime and you hardly end up having any gravy left, which again will look like coconut potato masala. So, choice is yours.

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