Pineapple Pudding

Written by maryannrajah


  1. vidhya saravanakumar

    Hi Maryann,

    I am planning to prepare this for a party. Can you please clarify that you have used 2 twenty ounce can of crushed pineapple for 2 twelve ounce can of evaporated milk with 2 cups of sugar & 3 packets of gelatin. Is my understanding correct ?

  2. abhimuthu

    DElicious dessert. Thanks for this idea. During parties I always have difficulty in deciding what dessert to make. you gave me an idea. Easy, simple and tasty.

  3. Mullai

    Good one Marya, a warm welcome to you. Quickly whipped up dessert and sounds delicious, thanks for sharing this in our website.

    1. Mary Ann

      Thank You, Mullai.. This is one of the first recipes I have posted but i have been a silent spectator of this website for quite sometime.. Hats off to you for hosting such a good one for all food lovers…

    1. maryannrajah

      Yes, indeed you can use any type of canned fruit. I have used a 20 oz can of crushed pineapple. Just make sure you drain all the juice completely from the fruit.

    2. maryannrajah

      Hi Abigail,

      Another quick tip.. i would not suggest you to use Fruit cocktial as sometimes it has papaya and it might spoil the taste of the pudding. Peaches are a good bet.. Make sure you either cube them or slightly blend them b4 using them in the recipe…Make sure you strain the juice b4 doing this…

      Hope it comes out well. 


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