Pepper Chicken Pasta Toss – Work Lunch Ideas

Written by Mullai

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  1. Jayanthi Senthil Kumar

    Hi Mullai, Pasta looks yummy!!!!!! I’m planning to do this pasta for tonight but i do not have Angel Hair Pasta instead i have Linguine and Rotini, can i substitue with them???

  2. shanu

    Hi Mullai di,

    I don’t even remember the number of times i have prepared this dish in my house…as lunch, dinner, evening snack..we are veg so i just omit the chicken and add other veggies but it is awesome!! Yesterday again I got 4 packets of Angel Hair Pasta and i know they will not last long. You rock!


  3. meerabiju

    Hi Mullai, Tried this recipe yesterday & came very well as the lemon flav. gives a different tangy taste. just substituted chicken with mushroom .The fact is that, this contains all less carbohydrate veggies , so good for diabetes people also.thanks a lot.

  4. dblakshmi


    Nice recipe. I will try and let you know. Your recipes turn out exceptionally good.
    one more question, can your son open the food jar by himself?
    I want to buy one of this kind for my son.


  5. sholuanand

    Mullai, What kind of chicken did you use, I mean is it the thighs/breast.Can you be specific what part and what brand. I have been looking for this kind of recipe a long time, got it finally..Great work….

    1. Mullai

      Anand, these are boneless chicken breast cubed or cut into large chunks. I usually buy them from local grocery chains.. sometimes from Sams club. If you prefer a good brand, Tyson fresh or frozen chicken is good. Try and let me know. Thanks.

  6. Nisha Bharath


    Looks awesome as usual !!!

    Tried ur recipe for shahi paneer as per ur suggestion, used fresh tomatoes instead of canned, came out excellent, and everyone just loved it a lot…

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful recipes…

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