Paruppu Payasam

Written by Deepu


  1. seema


    My husb’s all-time favourite recipe is this. I make the same with some alterations. I add channa dal instead of javvarisi. Instead of cooking dals with water, I cook in 2nd and 3rd taken coconut milk (coconut milk to be taken thrice – 1st one very thick, 2nd slightly thick , and 3rd very thin) and at the end of the preparation, I add 1st taken coconut milk and immediately switch off the gas.

    This type of payasam will taste awesome!!! (Somebody plz try and let me know the output)

  2. Jessy

    hai Deepu, plz tell how to make paasiparuupu payassam? i came to uk for 3 months only. next week iam moving. i dont have jaggery.shall i use sugar for paasi paruppu payasam?

    1. DEEPu

      Hi jessy,

         Moong dal is paasiparuppu.. so this is paasiparuppu payasam.. if u use jaggery u will get good athentic taste of payasam.. u can use sugar also.. but taste and color will get differ..



  3. geetha

    Hi. i tried this payasam and i like that taste. My mom used to prepare this with pacharusi instead of javarasi. Anyway i like this taste.


  4. Visitor

    I would love to try this dish, but I just want to confirm this. We don’t put any water at all with the moong dhal and javarisi while steaming/cooking in the pressure cooker? Will they turn soft if cooked like this? I just wanted to make sure it is not a typo.
    Thanks -Sujatha

    1. DEEPu

      Hi Sujatha,

             Just clarify your understanding. You need to add some level of water along with javarasi and moong dal. If you add more water your payasam will be more liquid(watery) thats the reason i mentioned Dont pour more water.  Try this and let me know abt the Result




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