Palak Rice

Written by lajo


  1. meenuchander

    u can make the same with methi leaves too..comes out very nicely..but i dont put ginger garlic paste and the daughter loves it…


    Dear kavi,
    With ur comments i can understand how difficult to satisfy kids need ,same here with mom of 2 kids.
    Even you can cook with pasiparuppu, rice, grinded palak and can make khichidi out of it. Anyhow chips o frencfries both makes good combination as a side dish.

  3. kaviarun

    Sure Latha, Will try next time with paneer. My kids doesn’t like potato. But they like to eat chips and french fries….
    Actually u can say this spinach pulav. Mine turned very green. I think i added lots of greens. Thanks ma. bye.

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