Oats Idli

Written by S.Priya

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  1. shyamavedham

    Hi, I am a regular visitor of this website and tried many healthy receipes from here. I have never posted any comments so far. This is the first receipe made me comment event before trying. Idhu .. idhu … indha maadhiri receipe dhaan edhurpaathen 🙂 Good job !

  2. Mullai

    Priya, good thinking.. engaiyoo poiteenga. Just curious to know how it would taste like, this usually makes a big batch and would like to get some idea before proceeding, had to wake up a whole box oats sleeping in my pantry. Can you pls clue us with the texture and taste ???
    Awaiting your reply,
    Oats family.

    1. S.Priya

      Hi Mullai…Taste was awesome as we r adding ginger n green chillies they will enhance n perfume the idly batter..texture is quite similar like usual idli,but the colour will be slightly different rather than that i didnt found much difference, while hot can eat more, very good with kaara chutney,even i had with chennakunni idli podi..its was too good..time to wake up your box oats…even i tried it out as dosai, they r good too…paper roast madhri easyaa panna mudinchathu..hope i would have cleared ur doubt…


  3. abhimuthu

    Oats idli is very healthy. I just noticed that 40 gm of oats has 5 gms of protein. Oat kheer and oats idli aa.. good try.

  4. SumithaDinesh

    Romba yosikeereenga pola priya..Unga veetula errukuravunga kuduthu vachavunga….All healthy dishes…Good go :-)..

  5. M Divya

    Vanakkam Oats priya….super thinking and nice combination….ginger and green chillies….will try out soon…
    Divya Mubarak

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