Nandu Kuzhambu Recipe

Written by Mullai

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  1. simlaya

    hi…..i tried this recipe y’day …….and it came out SUPERB……absolutely mouthwatering and bravo .all aour family love this . Thank you very much mullai..everyone should give it a try.

  2. shopna

    HI, i tried this. It was fabulous, just that the gravy was little so i doubled the water and the curry powders. It was great taste. Thanks.

  3. ayesha1


    I couldn’t find anyChinese or oriental grocery stores carry live blue crab in Farmington,MI

    Please give some suggestions.

    Also does costco have anything fresh?


  4. sapna

    hi…..i tried out this recipe y’day …….and it came out SUPERB……absolutely mouthwatering …its the first time im trying something with crab…..thank you for sharing it Mullai…….everyone shld give it a try, I say….

  5. priyak

    Hi mullai..
    Am desperately waiting to learn how to clean live crab…. my chithi used to do it at home, but unable to learn it from her. so pls help us…

    1. vijikathir


         We bought live crab last week.

       1. First we boil water in a big pot

      2. Put the live crab in boiled water for 2 to 3 mins.

      3.Once the shell turns color..remove from hot water and cool it little time.

      4. First cut all the legs

      5. Turn the main body upside down  and show it under the running tap water.

      6. Running tap water will clean the bad black stuff from the body.

      7. The remaining white stuff is good to eat.

      8. Now cut the main body into 2 or 3 piceces.

      9. This Pieces are ready to make curry or gravy.

      Hope this will help.

  6. gowher

    Yesterday i bought imitation crab thinking that it is a crab actually after searching in internet i got to know that it was not a crab but a kind of fish. Can u please help me regarding how to cook it. Please suggest me with a recipe to cook imitation crab.

  7. Manoo

    Wow………. We just make how you have given. The only thing is we dont use asafoetida powder (only while making muruku I have seen ppl using it). I remember chasing those crabs whn mom cleaning it. We hit it with “idukki”. Someone need to clean it for me if I am making… Cant wait to see how to clean it…

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