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  1. thenmozhi

    I tried this and was awesome as others said I got so much compliments, the best compliment from my daughter who is VERY picky.she loved it thank u

  2. sharon

    Tried out this recipe and it was really awesome… Got lots of appreciation from my hubby.. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe..

  3. nidhivarma


    Hi Mullai, I made this dish today….and it came out to be perfect….my husband who is very finicky about trying anything new…just loved it….Thanx a lot for such a wonderful recipe. Nidhi

    1. Mullai

      Rohini, thanks for your feedback and would appreciate to post all request under appropriate thread. There are quite a few varieties of fish gravy, so pls use the search and try. Fish kuzhambhu (andhra mess style) is the closest to what you are asking, pls check. Thanks.

  4. Ron

    Hi Mullai Akka,

    Tried this week.People were praising me(the dish particularly !!) like anythng. All goes to you.
    U r so spl..u hav become a part of our family. 🙂
    Akka , can you suggest any gud side.promised my indian friend to get sme side for xmas lunch.

    Thanks for your wonderful recipes.

  5. cornstarch

    hey mullai….looks so yummy….and it very much looks like the sukka my husband loves at hotel ponnuswamy….will recreate this during the weekend…..

    1. Mullai

      Vegu viraivil ungal Spicelndiavil!!! hahaha hi cap I know you're vegetarian.. you can try the same with potatoes, only thing potato will cook much faster and turn mushy if kept for long time. So adjust the time and use the same ingredients.

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