Murungai Keerai Poriyal

Written by Mullai

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  1. PAM

    I live in south Africa and this an very nutritional dish when prepared it has a huge amount of healing properties. I call it green gold. Pam

  2. ganesh

    I in Liberia and happen to notice that there are so much of murungai trees but suprisingly the locals do not know the benefit of murungai.

  3. susaneapen

    I am in India. Here it is raining and the Moringa is full of tender green leaves which are a feast to the eyes. I picked a few tender leaves (may be 6 stalks) and as I did not know how to make the poriyal, chopped about 10 shallots and a few green chillies, spluttered mustard in coconut oil added the onions and chillies, then the leaves separated from stalk and lastly grated fresh coconut and salt. Tasted great. I did not know that we should chop those tiny leaves. When they were cooked, the leaves had shrunk to abt 4 tablespoon full. I mixed about half with hot rice and had a delicious meal. But by evening I passed out most of it.

    Perhaps it should be eaten in little quantities or perhaps I cannot digest cellulose.

    But it tasted delicious.
    Next time I will try this recipe.It would add volume also.


  4. Sugi7

    wow… Mouthwatering murungakeerai poriyal! I love Murungakeerai cooked in any form you know, it's my favorite! : ) I really miss it after coming to this country. You are really lukcy Mullai, to find it here. I have not seen this here in any stores… Will keep an (extra) eye on the vegetable sections, when I visit Patel brothers here after!

  5. aniethamaniezhilan

    Yes u r really lucky enough to get it !! I’m in my sister’s place i was so surprised to see drumsticks 😉 Good one again !!!

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