Murungai Keerai Poriyal


Few days back, I got lucky to find drumstick leaves at Patel Bros and they were surprisingly fresh. I couldn’t resist my hands grabbing a few stalks… here we are not talking bunches as they are extremely expensive. So picked about 6 long stalks which should be sufficient to feed 3 adults. I remember the moment I left the store, after that, my mind was filled with thoughts as to how to prepare these healthy greens. My top pick was preparing it as poriyal which we serve with rice. This keerai is a familiar side for Kezhvaragu Koozh.

Murunga Keerai Poriyal / Porial / Thoran / Drumstick leaves Poriayl / Muringa / Murungakka Ellai / Illai / Keerai / Greens / Keerai Poriyal

6 nos Drumstick leaves (stalks)
1 no Onion
2 tbsp Toor dal
¼ tsp Mustard seeds
¼ tsp Split black gram
3 nos Dry red chilli
4 nos Curry leaves
¼ tsp Asafoetida powder
2 nos Garlic cloves (optional)
2 tbsp Fresh grated coconut
2 tsp Oil


Here’s the petty bunch which I bought. Usually with this Keerai/ greens, they usually separate those tiny stalks from the leaves. Discard all the stalks, just use only the leaves, little consuming but that’s how it goes.




While doing that strenuous job, soak the toor dal in some water. I prefer atleast 1/2 hour soaking. When done boil the dal in little water until its soft but firm like shown in the picture. Its should take about 10 minutes over medium flame. Wash the drumstick leaves and chop them finely.




In a kadai, add oil and temper with mustard, cumin, split black gram, dry red chili and asafoetida powder. Add chopped onion and garlic, fry for some time and then add the chopped leaves. Saute until the leaves shred the water and wilt.




When the leaves are tender, add the cooked toor dal and mix.




Now add salt and shredded coconut to garnish and switch off. Fresh grated coconut will suit best for this recipe, as this keerai is little bitter. But unfortunately i ran out of it and used store bought dessicated shredded coconut. It still tasted good.




Serve hot with rice, rasam and potato curry.





Yield: 3 adult servings.

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12 comments to Murungai Keerai Poriyal

  • PAM

    I live in south Africa and this an very nutritional dish when prepared it has a huge amount of healing properties. I call it green gold. Pam

  • ganesh

    I in Liberia and happen to notice that there are so much of murungai trees but suprisingly the locals do not know the benefit of murungai.

  • Vaishnavi


    What is the in the final cooked dish that looks like semiya? Is it onion cut in such slender way?

  • ksanthanamala

    pls share the recipes for “athirasam”

  • susaneapen

    I am in India. Here it is raining and the Moringa is full of tender green leaves which are a feast to the eyes. I picked a few tender leaves (may be 6 stalks) and as I did not know how to make the poriyal, chopped about 10 shallots and a few green chillies, spluttered mustard in coconut oil added the onions and chillies, then the leaves separated from stalk and lastly grated fresh coconut and salt. Tasted great. I did not know that we should chop those tiny leaves. When they were cooked, the leaves had shrunk to abt 4 tablespoon full. I mixed about half with hot rice and had a delicious meal. But by evening I passed out most of it.

    Perhaps it should be eaten in little quantities or perhaps I cannot digest cellulose.

    But it tasted delicious.
    Next time I will try this recipe.It would add volume also.


  • Sugi7

    wow… Mouthwatering murungakeerai poriyal! I love Murungakeerai cooked in any form you know, it's my favorite! : ) I really miss it after coming to this country. You are really lukcy Mullai, to find it here. I have not seen this here in any stores… Will keep an (extra) eye on the vegetable sections, when I visit Patel brothers here after!

  • anna73


    Simply fantastic :) Love the presentation.

  • ksanthanamala

    Madam Mullai,
    Thanks for this recipes

  • Cappuccino

    Superb mouthwatering poriyal…I love this… Thanx for sharing mullai.

    Have a great day

  • aniethamaniezhilan

    Yes u r really lucky enough to get it !! I’m in my sister’s place i was so surprised to see drumsticks ;) Good one again !!!

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