Mullangi Sambar

Written by Mullai

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  1. rajanpradeep

    Hi Mullai,

    thanks for sharing this recipe. Just Curious, is this the same sambar they have at Anjappar Buffet? I thought it smelled pungent but it tasted delicious and it was way too thick. I’ll try this one but if you could get us that recipe as well, that would be great!!!

  2. agnes

    Yesterday i prepared this…though i dont have a double pan pressure cooker have done with my simple presting …the taste was heavenly….with Mullangi Sambar i prepared shrimp fry and pappadam..the dinner was great…Thanks

  3. simlaya

    hi mullai,

    thanks allot for this mullangi sambar. i tried this it’ come verry vell we all ate two times.I really love all of your recipes. you doing verry well. pls give us more recipe.


  4. Merina

    Hi Mullai,

    Thanks alot for all your recipes.I've been a member for months and this is the first time I'm posting a comment.I've tried some of your recipes and they all turned to be so tasty and yumm!Nice to see you back and will try this recipe soon. Thanks Again! Cheers!

    -Merina 🙂

  5. iamheman00

    wow. This is my favourite sambar.. According to me that sambar does not have a stinky smell.. it smells lovely.. My mom makes very tasty mullangi sambar. Thanks for the recipe..

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