Milk Khoa

Written by Mullai

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  1. renuka krishna

    hello mullaigaru,i prepared kova 2 times ,my kid loved it ,kova came exactly what u gave in procedure,really its excellent,actually my husband unlike sweets ,but ur kova he liked &he asked me to prepare onceagain. thanks mullaigaru tc bye andi

  2. ranjanivinod

    hi mullai,
    i tried this recipe today it came out very well…i used i can of evaporated milk with 1 litre of milk …i have a doubt can u pl clear it i saw some people using lemon juice in other websites for pal kova can u pl tell the difference of using lemon juice…thanks for all the recipes posted in this site…everything looks yummy…

  3. Anja

    Dear Mullai, I just want to let you know my milk khoa is soooo yummy… I went on preparing in evening, all together it took me approx 4 hrs to finish. This is one of my fiances favourite sweets and he loves it 😀
    Thanks again….

    1. pratap

      I want to know about milk products(khoa).I’m the supplier.Do u supply khoa?What is your minimum order and how much you r charging per kg?

      Waiting for your reply.

  4. Anja

    Urgent! Please I need some help… I am in the middle of preparing milk khoa. My milk is cooking for 2 and a half hr now, and reduced to half only (I am using approx 4 litre of milk)I have an appointment in the afternoon. Does anybody know if I can leave the milk khoa half finished and go on preparing in the evening? I haven’t expected that it will take that long time to prepare….

  5. Valentine

    Mullai, going to make Milk Khoa now using Half & Half milk as a dessert for a week-end party…This is the 1st time going to try milk khoa…Will let u know the results

  6. Suganswami

    Mullai, though it’s a well known recipe found it pleasure following your recipe. It took the same time for a bit less amount of milk.

    1. Mullai

      Sunnysingh, um… quite surprising!! shouldn't take that long. Anyway, happy that you had to taste without straining yourself. Lucky you !!!

  7. gowher

    Hi Mullai,
    Today i tried this recipe…. It worked and was really tasty my husband liked it. Thanks.
    But the problem is the final product was somewhat hard and sticky…. I dont know where i went wrong.
    I didnot add ghee is that the reason for the kova being sticky???
    Please suggest me so that it helps me when i prepare this sweet by the next time.

  8. basu008

    Hi Mullai.. ur recipe was great… thanks for such a painstaking effort.. i felt like being there when u made.. it.. the pictures are awesome

  9. Manoo

    Dear Mullai,

    1 gallon [UK] = 4.5 l
    1 gallon [US, liquid] = 3.8 l

    Hope 1 gallon is 3.8l as you are frm us. But, yet got doubt cos I have read once tat 1kg sugar is added for 10 l milk… How nany litres is a gallon then plz? Would like to try this as got some milk boxes.

  10. Jayshree

    Hi Mullai, I used to try ur recipes often. Today I am making this milk khoa for my hubby's birthday. This is my husband's fav sweet. Some months back, I tried this using ur recipe, came out really well. U have given Right proportion. Thanks a lot… Ur doing a gr8 job posting different recipes. -Jayshree.

  11. Visitor

    I tried this receipe.It is time consuming bur very very tasty.Taste is really like amul khoa.I loved so much.Thanks for the nice receipe.

  12. Archana

    Hi Mullai,
    U r doin a terrific job in the “blogosphere”..the recipes are definately a keeper…Have a small query on Koya preparation, How do I prepare Koya without changing the color of it(I mean the end product to still be white like the ones we get in the Aavin parlors back in India).

  13. Swapna

    Hi Mullai,

    ur recipes r too good.
    I tried Parotta and Butter chicken and came out really well.
    Absloutely delicious.
    Iam trying pal gova now.

    Thaknks a lot

  14. Balaji

    I have a question for you
    I would like to try this milk halwa,but in this country,the milk is sold on sealed cans
    Do you encourage me to prepare the kova with this milk?

  15. rose fernandes

    dear mullai
    “i tried this recipe and i really liked it so much though time consuming but the result was absolutely
    amazing and i was surprised seeing the finished product and the taste better than any branded milk sweets ..and keep trying all the traditional preparations which are being ignored these days …now i realise why homemade sweets tastes so good and thanks to your efforts and “its because of you , that i was able to come up with this sweet treat”

    rose fernandes

    1. Mullai

      Rose, thanks for trying, glad it turned out well. The only sad part is, a gallon of milk yields about 1 1/2 to 2 cups of Khoa, which just disappears the minute it gets served. Thanks again and good luck with other recipes too.

      1. sentamil

        Hai Mullai,

        1 Gallon = How many litres???? Will u plz tell me..I want to try this recipe.And also give the measurement of the sugar in Grams.

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