Methi Chana Masala

Written by Mullai

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  1. dblakshmi

    hi mullai,

    the same works well with spinach also. channa saag. You may have to soak channa overnight and cook it with 1 tsp of oil, red chilli powder and salt. Then take half the quantity of it and blend it. i think it is typographical error. it should be kasoori methi. It is really yumm!!
    I really appreciate your hard work and admire.



  2. Lakshmi Mani

    Can I use the normal yellow channas instead of the green ones.Pls advise.Am planning to do this dish today.Pls suggest other recipes using fresh methi leaves cos I hav bght them believing that the site wld help me find soem recipes…Cheers

    1. Mullai


      You can use any variety, yellow channa is fine too. There are a couple of recipes in this site using fresh fenugreek leaves. Use the search button to find related recipes. Actually you can make pulav….,add a few while making potato curry…, most punbaji dishes include this in the preparation… look for them, or make plain Vendheya Keerai Poriyal to finish the whole bunch.  One small piece of advice, pls buy whats actually necessary, don't go for big bunches….you can't totally rely on my website. I know the fact that they usually come in big bunches, so pls plan ahead before buying. No offense, I'm also a homemaker like you and cook with whats available at home and can't respond immediately to all the recipe requests.

      1. Lakshmi Mani

        Thanks for the quick response.I jus bght 2 small bunches n thgt wld use it effectively.I truly agree with u that u cant respond immediately to all requests..Sorry 2 bother u. Lakshmi..

  3. Visitor

    Hello Mr.Manoo,

    Better not to worry about those comments..If u ignore, he himself wil stop commenting.
    Also, the fact is that am trying out ur recipes n it really turns out to be good. There is no point in taking such horifying comments to heart.

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