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  1. skrakhi

    Thank You Ms.Mullai, I am from andhra and everyone are crazy about madatha kaja and gottam kaha/Kakinada kaja in my place. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  2. nazringani

    Hi Mullai, Am a big fan of your recipies..Kajas turned out very delicious.My husband loved it a lot..But i found difficulties while frying them..the layers got separated and started to puff up little bit..What should be done to avoid this..


  3. avanthika


    Hi mullai i tried kaja taste came out superb but while frying kajas in oil it got seperated. What should i do to avoid comming the kaja out.

  4. matilda

    hey mullai,
    i tried ur recipe,came out really very well.what do i do with the remaining sugar syrup.should i use that syrup next time while trying out new recipe containing sugar syrup.

    1. Mullai

      Matilda, usually you will have little sugar syrup left which can be either discarded or can be poured over the kajas. Most of the time it will be discarded as too much syrup will form a thick coating on the kajas when it crystalises.


  5. ksailaja

    Hai Mullai
    I tried this kaja.Tastes really yummy.
    But most of my kajas are not cooked inside.Please give some tips to coook them whole.


    1. Mullai

      Sailaja, kneading and setting aside the dough for sometime actually gives time for the baking soda to work. The other things is rolling out thin and frying at the right temperature. If the oil is too hot, the outer gets cooked fast and inside part remains doughy. better luck next time, thanks.

  6. shalinivenkatesh

    oh god which cooking land have u come from? cooking goddess for all of us……
    i have turned into a good chef from a so so one thanks to your recipes….

    lovely man.. just wanna pull out one from da pic and gobble it up!!

  7. abhimuthu

    Nice looking sweet,attractive pictures and detailed explanation; This name is new to me, I am sure the taste will be delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Cappuccino

    Cool !!! Loooooooks verrrrrry yuuuuuuummy ma’am. Pictures are perfect.

    Your Madatha kaja looks like Krishna Sweets item. Thanks for posting

    Have a great day

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