Long Beans Poriyal – Karamani Poriyal – Payathangai Poriyal – Yard Long Beans Stir fry –

Written by Mullai

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  1. Joe Cilluffo

    Cooking instructions say “….Keep frying till the masala cooks…”. But masala is not in the ingredients list, nor defined elsewhere. So what is masala?

  2. jayamini

    Hai mullai, I like ur recipes and tried a few of them. They came out well . Long bean tastes good for thoran ( season with mustard add long bean pieces cook till done with salt, grind coconut,hing, green chilles and jeera to a coarse paste add at the end . Can also grind pottukadalai jeera and red chilli to a paste and add at the end . It goes well with rice .

    1. Mullai

      Chilies are only used for tempering and not really necessary as you are including red chili powder. But anything is fine and adjust the level according to your taste.

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