Lime Pickle

Written by Mullai

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    1. Mullai

      You can still make it but it may take little longer as the skin is very thick. I recommend boil them in some water about 10 minutes, then once they cool completely- pat dry completely with a clean kitchen towel. The proceed with the above recipe. Start a small batch first and see how you like it, my first preference would be the small Indian lemons / or key limes they tend to taste better. Thanks and hope this helps!

  1. joy123

    Hi Mullai
    I have 2 doubts regarding this recipe please help me

    1.I live in US weather is now low 40s can i make pickle now?

    2.I got regular lime instead of the small ones then how much should I use is that okay to use normal one?

    1. Mullai

      Hi Joy,
      I can still try if you get enough sun light, but i would wait a couple of months. Regular limes have thick skin usually don’t recommend of this recipe, try getting the small ones. I’ve seen them at Walmart too. Hope this helps, thanks for visiting.

  2. rajathicarolin


    thanks for the wonderful and easy recipe.I tried the same with gooseberries and mango came out excellent.

  3. pooja

    hi mullai

    I’m living in West Africa… here the cliamte is tropical…do u still suggest that i shud wait for th 5th day n then add the pickle is the second day of pickling..though the pickle is not tender…i’m worried whether it might get spoilt…watiting for ur suggestions

    1. Mullai

      Pooja, as long as there's ample sunshine no need worry about spoiling issues. It might set probably little early, could tenderize soon, so finish in 6 days rather than waiting for 10. But make sure whether the skin is translucent or tender before proceeding to final step or else, will taste bitter and chewy. Thanks.

  4. dvece

    what is meant by a kosher salt ?…Is it a brand name ? Can we go with any other type salt, or is this a must? And also, in the pickle powder ingredients, I just wanted to make sure that all the three ingredients(mustard, fenugreek & cumin) should be in equal proportion, right??

  5. kraechel

    Hi Mullai ,

    Today is the 6th day of the pickling process… Everything looks fine. Masala is well coated but the entire pickle stuff is like a thick mass, ofcourse it is wet and not dry.It does not look like your juicy content in the picture. Hence I am not able to shake it within the bottle. Hope it is not a matter of concern.

    Also can I add more than 1/4th cup sesame oil?

    Other than that it looks bright and yummy. Thanks!!

    1. Mullai

      I'am not sure what kind of lime / lemon you're using, its ok to use additional lemon juice if necessary. Oil is for the last part, 1/4 cup should be fine but if you prefer more floating on the top, then add couple of tsp. Thanks.

      1. kraechel

        I have used the big green limes and the same lime juice. Have added juice of one more lime..looks much bettter.. Thanks a lot!


    Dear Mullai,
    First batch of pickles finished going to try next batch, here its summer. We all enjoyed the pickle, shall I tell u one thing I didnt add oil only no tempering than also the pickles which I made didnt spoil not even a bit.

  7. DEEPu

    Hi mullai 1 more doubt. Lot of people adding vinegar in pickles. Wat is the purpose of vinegar in pickle? can i add? Pls let me know

    Thanks deepu

    1. Mullai

      Deepu, vinegar is mainly added for flavouring and perserving the pickle for long time. The acid content in it helps avoid growth of bacteria. My recipe is pretty much made with natural ingredients and is good for 3 months, anything longer will need vinegar. Acid content in lime and salt will help to preserve it as far as this recipe goes. If pickling a different veggie or fuit which lacks acid content will need vinegar. If you still wish to add, no harm in tryingwith few drops.

  8. DEEPu

    Hi Mullai, i tried ur lime pickle. I used 5 lime and half lemon juice. Today is 5thday still my limes look some wat dry and not soft as like urs. Can i add some more lime juice in this stage to become tender and soft or wat else i do. pls let me know. Thanks Deepu

        1. Mullai

          Not really, go ahead and add. Let it soak, it has to be moist all the time, shake the bottle everyday to coat and keep them juicy. Thanks.

    1. Mullai


      Thanks!!, definitely it will turn out good, hope you might have ample sunshine in ur place. Keep it longer for very soft skin, you can consume after 12 days but keeping it little longer will make them very tender and juicy. Ok, get back when its done.

  9. Manoo

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to try mango pickle (ssujtha’s recipe) but dint kno where to get mangoes in M’sia……… This seems easy………… will try……….. woooooooohooooooooooo ……….. i dont like store bought pickles… Btw, Do you know how to make green chilli pickle….. i tried somewhere it was so damn good…. yumm yumm yumm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. abhimuthu

    Mullai, Your step by step presentation for each day and your creative photogenic presentation makes people who do not have any cooking experience cook.. Simply superb..

    1. Mullai


      You can use the same pickle powder but the method varies. Got to experiment… may be some time soon, probably this summer.

  11. Sadhanaraveen

    Fantastic way of presentation…..this pickle is really tempting…Good work Mullai…ivlo paratranay..andho foto eppadi edukureengannu solla koodadha 🙂

    Sadhana Raveen

    1. Mullai


      Food photos turn good when taken in natural day light. Kitchen lighting kandipa help pannathu. Sometimes if you show the cooking procedure then kitchenla than edukanum, onnum panna mudiyathu…but final dish can be taken somewhere else, a place where you get nice sunlight.

      1. White or plain background.

      2. Do not focus directly, angle it from side.

      3. Grab chart boards or scrap boards for background.

      4. Do not take while the dish is hot, steam will make a glare on the picture.

      5. Make use of items at home for creativity.

      Avvallavu than en photo magic. Try pannittu sollunga.

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