Laccha Paratha


Laccha Paratha is a  kind of layered flat bread made with Whole wheat flour (Atta). The term “laccha” means spiral or rings in Punjabi, the  atta dough is stretched, rolled in the form of rings, stuffed with fat and shallow fried, resulting in mutlilayered flaky bread. This is closely related to our South Indian Parotta except the fact that it is purely made with whole wheat. While Plain Laccha paratha / paranthas are just stuffed with ghee/butter/vegetable fat/vanaspathi , the spiced up versions takes many turns. Depending on individual preference they range from stuffed greens, spice powder to minced meat. In my humble recipe, I’ve stuffed them with fresh mint leaves and dash of garam masala powder.

Indian Bread / Laccha Parantha / Parotta / Paratha / Flat bread / Punjabi Laccha / Whole Wheat laccha / Atta Bread / Godhumai Parotta

3 cup Whole wheat flour
1¾ cup Water (exact measure)(add few extra drops)
1 tsp Salt
1 tbsp Ghee
1 pinch Sugar (optional)
1 pinch Baking soda (optional)
6 stks Fresh mint leaves
2 tsp Garam masala powder
¼ cup Ghee (room temperature)


Finely chop the fresh mint leaves, take garam masala in a cup and keep it ready. Bring the cold ghee to room temperature and keep aside. Heat water in microwave for a minute (it should be warm and not hot, so adjust timing according to watts). If adding sugar mix that with water. Combine whole wheat flour with salt and baking soda, add water slowly to make a pilable dough. We need a soft dough (Thalarchiya Pesaya Vendhum – Tamil) (Sticky soft dough – English), knead for about 15 minutes , cover and let it sit for 30 minutes. Divide the dough into equal size balls and keep them covered to avoid drying. Lets go into the rolling procedure.

Take one portion, dusting flour, roll out into a circular disc. The thickness should be very thin, roughly about the thickness of a visiting card. Spread 1/2 tsp ghee or more depedning on your preference, over the top layer of the disc.

Sprinkle some chopped mint leaves and garam masala powder.

Fold as shown, like you fold for a paper fan. Complete till it reaches the other corner.

Its should form a long stuffed rope. Stretch it or twist gently.

Start rolling from one corner and seal the other end underneath the dough bud.

Dust the board with little flour and roll out the dough bud. Roll out only one side, do not flip and roll. Press gently to roll without affecting the layers, bcos too much rolling will spoil the layer and end product will look like flat chapati. Final rolled out disc should be little thick with visible layers.

Place the rolled out disc in a hot griddle, fry for few seconds (medium high flame), flip to other side and cook for another 30 seconds. Drizzling with oil is optional here, but will yield nice crispy bread if added.  Loosen lightly before serving to make the layers separate. Better when served hot with choice of gravy.




Yield: 15 Parathas (4″ diameter)approx.

Use your imagination, play with it, choose variety stuffing. 1. Corainder Mint Gralic 2. Cheese with sauteid onions 3. Karam podi or paruppu podi with ghee 4. Kalonji seeds with butter 5. Ajwain powder or seeds 6. Roasted pepper with garlic 7. Spinach with onions and garlic.

These parathas are good when served hot but there’s always other choices 1. Lightly toast them again over a griddle before serving 2. Microwave covered with a damp paper towel for few seconds.

You can always subsitute ghee with oil. But if you wanna to taste real Laccha parotta go for Gheeeee..

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29 comments to Laccha Paratha

  • hathija

    Hi sister,

    i am new to this site,new to cooking, new to USA,Newly Married..ALL IS NEW, but i am sure Ur recipes will make me an OLD (experienced cook inshallah!)

    sister how to preserve the chapati dough in the fridge and here which chapati flour is good? presently i m using “swad” and in that it tastes as that of maida… do help me out in answering me.. no hurry take ur time, as ur valuable time adds credit to us.

    Keep up your work sister….

  • sathiya ramesh

    Hi Mullai,
    I am a new membeber for this site.And also tried this recipie.,it came really well..thanks a lot mullai for such a different recipie…

  • icedrophima

    Hi Mullai,
    I made this dish over the weekend and it came really well.The photos along with the reciepe are really helpful:) Specially the way it is rolled.

  • Ratna A

    Hi Mullai,

    Today I tried the Lachha Paratha with Butter chicken. It came out pretty good and my family liked it. No complaints which makes us happy. Ofcourse, the Butter chicken was made by my husband and we both were happy since it had come out very well.

    thanks to you.

  • Vamsi

    This is the first recipe, which shows exactly how to roll the dough to get layers. Thanks a lot Mullai, your recipes captivated me for more than 2 hours, and I am still browsing….

  • afaq

    appearence and ingredients are perfact. I will check the taste .

  • seema

    Tried this last Sunday and came out gr8888 Mullai….

    superb compliments i got from my husb and other fly members. they loved a lot.

    i served with chicken curry and kheema chicken.

  • siji

    Hi Mullai,
    You have mentioned ghee as two different ingredient in ingredient list.
    One as 1 tbsp measurement and other as 1/4 cup measurement.
    Can you please let me know what is the purpose of 1 tbsp ghee?
    I think the 1/4 cup measurement of ghee is used while rolling the atta.
    Am I right?
    I’m thinking of making it for a get together today. It would be great if you can clear me in this doubt.

  • SumithaDinesh


    I tried urs taste was excellent.But i couldn’t get the layerings as yours.v tasted this with egg curry.Next time panni parkuren..

  • Sadhanaraveen

    Superb!!! will try this soon..

    Sadhana Raveen

  • jlakshmi


    I have tried all your Roti varieties.. good, so with Wheat .. surely will try this one and let you know.
    Jaya Lakshmi

  • m.viji

    mullai in wheat flour also getting layer like maida… nice to know… ithuvum try pannaren…

  • divya mubarak

    hi mullai..nice recipe…really want to try soon….thanks mullai

  • diyaa

    hi mullai,
    hope u r doing fine.i went to india for my sister marriage and didn’t have time to visit spiceindiaonline.
    i missed so many recipes .but iam back now.
    very happy to see so many good recipes.
    need to unpack and settle many things.
    still i see u r site daily as i check my mails.

    you r doing such a great job.
    have a great day.

  • preethika

    Wow Mullai!!! i had not tried parotta bcoz of maida..this one with wheat is very nice…Thanks for dis recipe!!!

  • Mullai

    Thanks to all my friends for your sincere comments. Try and enjoy a perfect meal. A big hail to “Live to Eat”

  • SumithaDinesh

    Ennaiku night ethu thaaan dinner Mullai ..try panitu kandipa solren..Thanx for sharing bye

  • swathi


    Great recipe i would love to make anything with whole wheat. I am not trying my favorite parotta because of all purpose flour. Thanks for showing me this nice one.

  • Sudharavi

    Hi Mullai, I wanna to taste real Laccha parotta ,will try soon… Awesome mullai, one request plz adopt me as ur sibling .,then i can taste all ur creative ,delicious,colourful …etc., food. Thank u,

  • thiya

    Hello Mullai,

    you are the inspiration to my cooking life.
    I had a plan to join a catering course when i am going to India.
    But i think there is no need.
    step by step instructions. Kalakuringya.

    Thanks for posting delicious and new recipes.


  • Arthi Selva


    Mullai, Very nice recipe.. Sounds good.. Very tempting one..

  • abhimuthu

    Humble Mullai,
    Your humble Laccha parotta is flawless. I learnt two things one rolling procedure – should not flip and roll again, I do this mistake all the time and then laccha paratta is made of whole wheat flour. Thnx for sharing.

  • kaviarun

    Mullai, no words to express…………will try today & let u know.

  • priyasudha

    Superb Mullai…wheatflourla paratha is really amazing…

  • seema

    Sounds a very much different recipe Mullai. How in this world can u b so sincere and get such different recipes every now and then Mullai, Gr888888888

  • shan

    Wow !! Never tried paratha with whole wheat. Will try this weekend update you ma’am.

    Have a great day

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