Kulfi Recipe – How to make kulfi at home – Easy Kulfi recipe – Malai Kulfi

Written by Mullai

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  1. Chandana Jadhav

    I love kulfi. They come in various flavors. Thought it was so difficult to make. But it was much easier than I thought. Even though it’s a bit time consuming, I was able to eat my favorite desert which I prepared. This blog really helped me. Thank you.

  2. veena

    Beautiful kulfi.Do you know where i could find the stainless steel kulfi moulds in hyderabad? Does it freeze well in a small steel tiffin box? Please reply.

  3. anup

    i have both corn starch and corn flour.which one i have to use?
    (you have mentioned corn starch(white corn flour)) in this recipe.
    and also another questions is can i use wheat bread instead of white one?
    if i use wheat bread the taste gonna be different.
    thank U

    1. Mullai

      Anup, use corn starch and white bread. Ofcourse using wheat will change the looks and taste to some extent. Corn starch is called corn flour in India and other countires. Thanks.

      1. anup

        thanks for replying, but

        I made yesterday with cornstarch and wheat bread.it was very delicious.

         my husband and my brother's family all are liked it very much.

        next time i try with white bread.

        thanks a lot.

        keep sharing outstanding recipes………


    1. Mullai

      Kankal, kulfi is not like regular ice-cream, its not whipped.. your just freezing the condensed custard milk. There are more chances for strong crystallization, bread and corn flour adds rich texture to the cream and also helps to reduce the crystallization. There are many ways to make kulfi.. even condensed milk, whipping cream can be used but a regular streetwala kulfi does not have those, its prepared with plain milk, sugar and bread, freezed in moulds in matka(mud pots). No fancy cream or additional fat is added to it and it still taste good. It will be similar to paal(milk) ice, mine is just like that except decorated with loads of nuts.

  4. ramthy99

    good heavens……i feel like i just wanna grab them from the pictures and eat them…..great work, mullai….i am doing this tomorrow for sure……i have already started craving for this 🙂

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