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  1. helenmaryleonard

    Hi Mullai,
    Thankx for the reply. We live in Wroclaw, Poland, most of the indian things we have to get it online. So this tips very much useful for me. Once again thankx

  2. leena

    hai mullai,
    i tried the milk khoya yesterday. i came out really good and tastes superb. but one thing , while eating its sticking to the mouth. i dont know where did i go wrong . can you please correct my mistake.

    thank you.

  3. sandhyasree.d

    Hi mullai

    I have store bought khoya can u ple tell me what is the best way of preserving it.will it be good if i keep it in fridge or do i have to freeze it.thanks in advance.

    1. Mullai


      Since you say store bought khoya… it could have already spent a month in the refrigerator section at the Indian store, so my advice is to finish off soon rather than storing. But if you still prefer storing then freezing would be one good idea but once you defrost finish off do not refreeze. If refrigerating then 5 days max, these are milk products… and I don't have to say about hygiene packing conditions in Indian stores, so you make the decision. Thanks.

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