Karunai Kizhangu Chips

Written by Mullai

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  1. Arul

    Hi mullai,

    Your site is too good and am keep telling about ur site to my all friends…and am also used make this chips…this is my husbands very favorite one…can u tell me where did u find this one…i have been searching for fresh.

    1. Mullai


      These are available in some Indian stores, Patel Brothers grocery chain have a many fresh veggies pls check your local stores too. Thanks and would appreciate if you  read the comments under this posting as I 've already mentioned this to a member.

  2. Manoo

    Hiii Mam, I always wanted to ask you this. How come you are using much oil for varuvals and poriyals in ur recipes. Eppadi neenga nalla ennaiya uthri uthri samakereenga. Can see foods are oily in pic. Mouth watering… I love oil food. Yet, wonder how you are using much oil like this. Just curious… Amma kitta americala kuda mullai mam neraya ennai uthri samiranganu sonnathu than thamatham unga phone no ketkiranga (advice panna poola) ha ha ha…

    We have many kizhangu here. But, I dont know which one is karunai all look the same. Evem tamils here do not know it. would like to try this. karunai kizhangu is good for piles btw. do you know that. Its low fat too. I even wanted to make karunai kizhangu curry and post here. I gave up asking ppl which is karunai kizhangu among those kizhangugal. No smell even :(:(:(

    1. Mullai

      Varuval means dry fry and if you need it real crispy, got to pour oil orelse it would become Avithathu(meant steamed stuff). You can always cut down on the oil, but it won't turn good. Actually, the above recipe is termed as chips and ofcourse… there's no chips without deep frying. Oven fried would be another good choice, but may take long and haven't explored to that extent. (I'm a very poor baker) Back home, my mom use to make this once in a while and we all relish this dish with curd rice. Another thing that I want to confirm is… my poriyals are made with less oil, kindly check. There are many variety dish you can make with this Kizhangu, I'm sharing what I know and will try to come up with good steamed stuff too. Moreover Manoo… I got to increase my recipe database depending on popular searches, hope you would understand.

      For sure Malaysian stores should have these called as Elephant foot yam, bcos I've seen here in some Oriental stores. Check or google the malaysian name for this veggie. Let me upload a full picture soon, so that you might have an idea. Hope I've cleared your doubts and my regards to Amma.

      1. Manoo

        Aiyo mam… I luv oily food.. infact i cant eat steamed vege… I am giving you as an excuse to mom so i can use oil. I finish 1litre in a month. All dipped in oil. even sometimes i force myself to get those green leaves veges from cafe but fry them in oil with curry powder and egg, then eat with rice. Ungala solli than amma kitta oil use panuvatharku sattu solla mudiyum. amma use very less oil. i compared your amount with ammas oil amount :):):)

        And they prob here is we are living in woods were its difficult to find stuff. If i get to see many kizhangu varieties then i can differentiate i guess. Looking forward to seeing those pic.

        1. Mullai

          Just letting you know that I'm not a big fan of steamed stuff either but don't hate it altogether, like to include in the form of sundal varieties, afterall there isn't much steamed dishes in our Indian meal except a few like steamed veggies and lentils. Anyway…. this is a never ending topic, got to get going with my next post, catch you later.

    1. Mullai

      There is no special name for this in California, its called Yam in general, check with your local Indian grocer and ask for Suran… they know better by the Hindi name. All Patel Brothers carry fresh Karunai Kizhangu, check your listings.

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