kanchipuram Idli

Written by ssujatha


  1. shanu

    Hi Sujatha,

    I am a North Indian and like idlis very much but here i do not have idli pot and i don’t know how to prepare idlis without that. Can you tell me how you steamed the idlis in those tumblers.. can we do that in a pressure cooker? if yes, how?

    Please do reply.


    1. ssujatha

      hi shanu,

            Yes you can steam it in pressure cooker.pour 2-3 tea cups water inside the cooker and place the tumblers,just close the lid dont put the weight.Let it cook in medium flame for 10 mins,check if it is cooked.otherwise put in simmer for 5 mins.

          Try and let me know how it turned out.you can also try it  in electric rice cooker.Hope this helps you .

      1. shanu

        Hi Sujatha,

        Thanks a lot for your reply..i will definitely try your delicious recipe with your method and let you know how it came.

        Thanks again,



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