Kale Poriyal

Written by Mullai

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    1. Mullai

      I don’t think Kale is available in India, but nowadays you get most of the international stuffs at any posh supermarkets. So check it out! After googling I found out that its called parattaikkeerai in Tamil. Thanks.

    1. Mullai

      Karthika, slight correction… it tastes bitter and tangy. They come from wild cabbage family with high content of Iron which makes it taste soooo odd. But they are very good for health. Options that you can consider is to increase flavor by adding more dal or temper with butter or ghee. They are not that disgusting compared to mustard greens, just my 2 cents!!

  1. Priya Swaminathan

    Hi Mullai,
    Tried this today. It was good and it was a little bit crunchy as you have mentioned.It is a nice alternative to the usual spinach and methi that we used to take all the time. I missed murunga keerai a lot because we have a murunga maram in my mother’s house. So romba naal aasai innikku neraiveriyathu.

    Priya Swaminathan

  2. jeyalakshmi

    coooll..i have seen this vegetable in the American/spanish grocery store, but didnt know what kind of vege was that. thanks a lot, Mullai 🙂

  3. Aruna

    actually i have seen this "kale" in the market so many times but i will not get that bcos i dont know how to cook,  now i can……… thanks mullai

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