Instant Pot Sambar- Instant Pot Indian Recipes

Written by Mullai

Modest, friendly and hardworking.  "Virgoans Rule"..


  1. Rashi

    Dear Mullai,
    Your yummy recipes are always appreciated as you put step by step instructions with exact measurements! I am so happy to see instant pot section in my fav blog, this way I can use it more.
    I hope you are not disheartened by mean comments.
    Pls continue to post your recipes for your community

    1. Mullai

      Thank you Rashi, thats so sweet of you! of course i will continue with my posts, been a little busy lately family side as its vacation time. You will soon see a post, thanks again for your kind supportive words.

  2. Anu


    I came to your website just now to look for a quick fix meal for dinner today. Saw a nasty comment.

    Mughasthuthi illai, these words are from the bottom of my heart – Mullai recipena kannai moodindu pannalam, everyone will enjoy, thats Mullai for me. I have a mullai folder in gmail..mullai folder in favorites – thats how influential your cooking is in my life with so much time in the kitchen.

    People dont know the etiquette to comment when they are in someone else’s “house” – they have not been taught well.
    What can I say – I am feeling so sad someone said such hurtful comments.

    For the person who wrote the nasty comment: You can follow a recipe to the letter and still fail to get the results if you have a real bad mood. Look into that prior to giving any comment after all.

    – Anu Gandhi

    1. anu

      And, most importantly, Mullai – you are so graceful as always in handling such a nasty comment with no substance. Wow! I am learning so much – God bless you, sister 🙂
      Migha anbudan,
      Anu Gandhi

    2. Mullai

      Anu, I was reading your comment and was like.. look at this girl, having a folder in my name OMG…. so so thrilled to hear Anu! Wish i could hug you from here, people hardly visit blog posts as everyone is more into youtube videos and its hard to keep up with changing trends. i know my blog is somewhere up there floating in the air… but will keep trying my best to keep it interesting, also wannna keep a log of what i learned, learning.. so, someday it might be of help to someone or even a reference guide for myself!
      Thanks Anu for being such an ardent fan, this blog is like family, very closely knit and i am always grateful to such beautiful hearts!

      1. Anu

        Mullai, Yes, Mullai folder heheh…Girl illa 40 vayasu kadaa maadu annna mahaa somberi with cooking. You are my Angel :-), what can I say..have never tried to post a thank you or tell these facts as it might sound so flattering in a wrong way. Glad I took the opportunity to say how deeply grateful I am.

        You might think enna in this world of so much info on the net, why so much bandha about your recipes. Kannai moodindu pannalaam ungaloda recipesaa and guaranteed hit at home or with friends. I usually ask my husband, so do you want roti and mullai hotel kurma hahahha, andha alavukku you are popular in the form of divine tasting food.

        Thanks, dear, for sharing authentic truly tested recipes without too many complications which I happen to see in many Indian blogs. Yes, people show case the art so well but the art itself is about the simplicity which you thoroughly exhibit in your cooking techniques and expressing in words.

        Hugs and will continue to be a life-long grateful fan 🙂

  3. Ayesha farmington

    Dear Mullai,

    Don’t ever feel demotivated by these nasty comments for even a second.
    You have so many people who love your blog and you as a person.
    Keep going. Post more recipes for us and more importantly, post more instant pot recipes so we all can use that instant pot.
    Wishing you all success!

    1. Mullai

      Thanks Ayesha,
      That’s so kind of you dear! i wasn’t demotivated been but was upset for the use of profane language. Don’t worry, my blog will continue as long as i have the energyand time, sure will post as many as possible. Thanks again for your support, really appreciate!

  4. Ayesha farmington

    This is to the person who wrote the comment.
    I’ve been following this blog for almost 10 years and I can’t tell how much I’ve learnt from her recipes. But whatever, this comment only speaks about you and not a single thing about Mullai.
    People who follow her know her hardwork, dediction and most of all he passion towards cooking, She takes so much care and effort to make and post these recipes.
    It is not a easy job to maintain a blog successfully for more than 10 years.
    Please do not post comments like this. It only speaks about you.


  5. Sarah Samuel

    Dear mullai mam, I have no idea about cooking. I was directed to spiceindiaonline by one of my colleague in 2012. Ever since unga alavukku yaarum ethu vayraikum correctana alavu sonnathu kaydaiyathu.. I have tried many recipes from your website now at my home they say I’m a good cook it’s all bcos of your recipes. This sambar is making me drool I will try n let you know mam. Guru vanakkam always 🙏🏼

    1. Mullai

      Thank you Sarah, so happy to hear… this blog has been helpful to many including me as i have learned many new recipes myself ever since i started blogging, i am sure you will like it and will wait for your feedback. Regards!

  6. Anupriya

    Akka, FYI: Upon buying my instant pot I came to your blog and started preparing everything to the point and I’ve to say, it was awesome. I can’t cook the same sambar without coming to your blog and your tomato rice recipe is my favorite.

    1. Mullai

      That’s awesome… from what i have learned so far is cooking in an instant pot is easy but tricky at times when it comes to certain recipes like rice … the brand, the type, soaking time, everything matters and it cannot fixed once you lock the pot. But the above mentioned recipe is quite easy to fix even if my proportions are not right…i don’t know what she cooked where she went wrong! I am so glad it worked out great for you and i will update new recipes as i learn, thank you so much Anu!

  7. Dr. Sherin

    Hi mullai don’t bother about all these comments… I started following ur account few weeks back and tried ur recipes… It is just awesome… I’m a newbie for cooking and ur blog helps ppl like me to learn cooking…. Keep going and my best wishes for u… 🙂 🙂 will try this sambar and let u know but I know it will definitely taste good…

    1. Mullai

      Thanks, that’s so comforting to hear Sherin! I normally don’t … but this was way too much to take… just keeping quit or hiding won’t teach them a lesson hence got it published. Negative comments helps me to fix my mistakes but these terribly nasty ones… kind of demotivates. I am so glad to hear that my blog is of help to you in learning new recipes, sure give it a try and let me know how it turned out!

  8. Shruti Sundaraman

    Shittiest sambhar i have ever tasted or made. i followed your recipe to the hilt. except the jaggery bit, i followed each measurement and step. yet i dont know what it has turned out, it is definitely not sambhar.

    1. Mullai

      Hi Shruti,
      I am sorry that it didn’t turn out good but first learn to show some decency when posting comments. I am not saying that my sambar recipe is the best in the world but definitely not that bad as you refer, iam have running this blog for 10 years now and i am definitely not a novice…i know i can cook decent food, wouldn’t have come this far if my recipes are that bad. I welcome both positive and negative comments here but never a nasty comment. I can silently delete this comment and move on but want you to know that iam just a human like you… i would like to learn from my mistakes too.. if you would have put it saying Mullai, this turned our sour, thick or whatever then we both could have learned from our mistakes and fixed it right away! No matter how much you try.. if you show this much hatred, you will never learn cooking in your lifetime! Thanks!

      1. Neeskitchen (Neeru)

        No matter how much great chef or critic you are, comparing food with s**t shows your character. Absolutely not ethical !! Learn basics of commenting before you learn how to cook. Your mindset and character reflects in what you cook.

          1. Mullai

            Thank you ma, people do have to follow some basic ethics when commenting and there is no way they will realize unless made public. Hope she learns!

        1. Mullai

          Well said Neeru, exactly it reflects their character… thank you much for standing by me, truly appreciate your effort to support a fellow blogger. My sincere respect and regards to you!

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