Idli Milagai Podi

Written by Mullai

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  1. arunavignesh


    I have tried this recipe already . It tastes awesome. Shall I try whole black gram with skin instead of split black gram with same procedure ??

  2. Anonymous

    Dear Mam,

    Your Idli podi is really good ……….thank u for sharing ………and I have a doubt …….could u tell me with what other food items (apart from idli, dosa) could we have this Idli podi ? We have kids and elders in the house and they find this podi very spicy to eat …………so could u give me some idea as to how to make it eatable for them ……
    please suggest . my email id is given to u .


  3. anithashankar

    As usual, the taste was very good. I’ve been preparing this podi for the past 5 yrs,but this time am very satisfied with the end result with your recipe. I also added a tablespoon of till (ellu) with this .

  4. anitha.raja

    hi mullai,

    thot of mailing u day bfore yestrday…forgot….

    tried podi…it wasnt dry…it was bit wet…kinda not powdery…and it smelled coconut like…i could feel lot coconut smell in dat…was my fryin not enough???i meant coconut fryin switchin off the flame…???

    1. Mullai


      What coconut did you use??? Dry dessicated coconut (flakes) is used for my recipe and burns off the moment you add to a hot tawa and thats why the whole switching process. Fresh coconut needs to be fried little longer or till it turns light brown. ofcourse, this podi will be dominated by garlic and coconut and will be little oily. Spread them over a newspaper as explained in the recipe to absorb excess oil.

  5. Manoo

    looks good. but not gonna try now.. as we had lot podi for sometimes.. but will try for sure… the coffee grinder was so damn expensive here.. i was sad tat i was not using.. thanks to SIO.. made some podi.. goin to make some new podis available here… so its not waste… thank for posting it mam…

    btw, my grand ma makes this sort of podi too. but with some ellu as well… and she said tat it can be stored for long if its made with gingelly oil.. tats why ppl made pulisatham and all with gingelly and took for trips those days..

  6. Visitor


    I have 1 doubt mam.. i bought halal chicken 14 days before.. i used half of chicken.. still i have some chicken.. can i use that? i put it in freezer only.. i have doubt to use that.. halal meet they wont mention any expire date… pls let me know..


    1. Mullai

      Sara, if it was really fresh when you bought it, then guess you can keep upto 2 weeks. But sorry.. cannot commit anything, as the quality of meat varies with each store.

    1. Mullai


       Ofcourse its quite hard to grind with a blender. Try grinding the dry ingredients first, then pound the garlic separately with a mortar and pestle. Mix it with the powder. Other choice is to go for a coffee grinder, which you can get for $ 10 to $15, comes in very handy for these spices mixes. Check my selection under Amazon store for an idea and buy thru our site if you wish. Thanks.

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