Green Peas Masala (Dhaba Style)

Written by Mullai

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  1. nasa24

    Made this for dinner yesterday. It was delicious!. I did not have chole masala and used garam masala but the dish was still very tasty. Thanks for sharing this receipe.

  2. gowris

    can i substitute green peas with cauliflower or paneer or any other vegetable.. also can u please let me know some other dish using onion green leaf.
    thanks in advance

  3. Lakshmi Mani

    Made this for dinner yesterday..WOW!!! Couldn’t stop eating .Came out so well.I didnt have the chole masala and added a different masala but still was so good.Thankyou so much for sharing this recipe.Easy yet very tasty..

  4. Priya Swaminathan

    Hi Mullai,
    I was afraid to try grean peas masala once again ‘coz the couple of times i tried it,it was horrible. But today I tried your recipe and wow.. it turned out great. Had a nice dinner. Thanks a lot.

  5. shanu

    Hi Mullai di,

    I am preparing this dish for guests tonight. Can you please tell me if roasted cashwes can be used. I m waiting for your reply Mullai I will have to go to the market if roasted ones cannot be used.

    Thanks di,

  6. satyas

    Iam looking for chapathi curries,i found this recipe,and its really nice.
    if i use regular tomatoes,should i take 5 no: medium size? if tomatoes are more does it gives sour taste.please help me.

    1. Mullai

      Blanch those 5 medium tomatoes and then make your curry. Sourness depends on what kind you use, ripe and juicy ones suits well for this recipe. Please use the search for blanching process, its been discussed under many recipes.

  7. Deepa V Kumar

    hi mullai,
    if i am to blanch regular tomatoes for this recipe.. how many tomatoes shud i take ??? will 5 tomatoes make the dish slightly sour ??

  8. Madhupritha Anand

    Hi Mullai,

    Wonderful recipes…. Myself and my husband are awestruck at your expertise… Have tried out Veg fried rice, gobi manchurian and now green peas masala.. everything came out awesome!!!!Keep contributing more recipes… 🙂

    1. Mullai

      Madhupritha, thanks for  being a big fan, just sharing whatever I know , as simple as that. Will try my best to post more. Thanks for visiting.

    1. Mullai

      Sleshar, You can blanch regular tomatoes and then puree. Canned tomatoes gives good colour and they are sweet and ripe, I've not added any food colour to my dish, those tomatoes turn the dish to dark orange. (Blanching —- wash and boil tomatoes in water for 4 to 5 minutes, remove from water and dip them in cold water, this would loosen the outer skin. Remove the skin and blend the tomatoes to make puree)

  9. shanu

    Mullai di…it looks awesome!!!

    I am a punjabi and was looking for such a recipe 🙂 I would definitely try this on coming weekend.
    But I have one doubt…I tried a similar kind of dish earlier like peas cooked in tomato gravy (not this wonderful kinds of course with chole masala and cashews)but it did not turn out well because the peas were tasting sweet instead of tasting spicy. Would this happen for this recipe too?
    I used the frozen peas. please reply.


    1. Mullai

      Good to know that you are Punjabi, guess I got hold of the right person to comment on this recipe. Actually frozen peas are sweet, come in handy and less time consuming. Try cutting down a little honey and increase the spice level to suit your taste. Indian fresh peas takes little longer to cook and its always better to cook them separately and then add it to the gravy. I made mine with frozen green peas and you can choose whichever works for you. Try and let me know.

  10. shan

    It tempts me…Really mouthwatering dish and ur excellent presentation is appreciated mullai, parkaavee kalakalaa iruku… I’m going to try this weekend.

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