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  1. sSs

    Hi Mullai, Have a qt abt yeast…i bought the red star yeast…but never saw the bubbles…the mixture did not rise at all…so i threw the whole thing…bought different yeast which rose a lil but not as much as I see in your pic….wonder what im doing wrong :(….i followed the instructions above… do you use any particular type of yeast in red star brand? i will try buying the same thing next time… Sowmya

    Updating my comments after baking.

    The bread still came out quite well. The dough doubled in size. I added some serrano chillies on top! wud still wanna know the secret behind the yeast 🙂


    1. Mullai

      SSS, Red Star yeast is what I use too. Some of the things to note while buying and using yeast. 1. Check the expiration date, if its something closer to expiry then it might not work. 2. Yeast need slightly warm water to rise, so make sure its lukewarm, add sugar that's what they need to work and rise. Never put in hot water this will kill them and it will never rise. 3. Always refrigerate them after each use. That's all it takes for the magic, try and let me know. Your idea of adding Serrano chillies is awesome, I've never tried so far, sounds interesting and also makes me hungry.

      1. sSs

        Hey Mullai,

        Thanks for the info. I had this Herb Foccacia which had dried rosemary sometime back. I love basil. So, i made mine with dried basil. Added it to the dough.

        I love Italian. Looking forward to more Italian recipes from you 🙂




      Yeast needs proper attention and right temperature to grow.Always use luke warm water with some flour,sugar and then yeast …u try this way it will work out,but instant dry yeast is not necessary to rise….add it straight to the mixture and work out the dough….Try foccacia basil pesto or Indian curry powder mixes it will be great taste.

    1. Mullai

      krish, all purpose must be available in most super markets like Nilgris, Reliance etc.if not try with maida. Whole wheat is different and pls do use the search as there are many topics relating to this have been already discussed.

  2. arpita

    Hi mullai,
    This recipe looks good. From where we can buy Active dry yeast.
    Can u pls tell me brand name.
    Thanks for making a wonderful site.
    I love all the recipe u post.


  3. vijayalakshmi mahalingam

    mullai i’m having onida power grill 20. 2combi grill setting. micro oven out put power 800 watts,grill 1050 watt.having this oven can i do Focaccia? viji

    1. Mullai


      There are many models under this brand, the one with grill & convection feature can be used for baking. If you have plain grill then its good for basic cooking and grilling, baking seiya mudiaythu. Check ur microwave manual for the features, "convection" is a must.



  4. prchitale

    Hi! It looks very nice. Surely would like to give it a try. I am impressed with your step wise step description.It has motivated a non baker like me to try my hand on it. Thanx.

  5. vijayalakshmi mahalingam

    mullai, very fine to read, steps presentation is also good. keen to try.can we prepare this by conventional oven only?let me know

    1. Mullai

      Viji, neenga enna oven use panringa??? yeah this was done in a conventional oven. Heavy duty toaster oven might work well too.

  6. SumithaDinesh

    Mullai!!! For the first time i am hearing this name..U r exploring very hardly towards many recipes starting from our roadside food to international..Keep up the good and hard work going.Like to Learn a lot from U..

  7. vinita

    hello whenever i try bread my yeast never bubbles like wat shown ….i always use warm water too any specific brand for yeast??help me please

    your bread looks yummy great work!!

    1. Mullai


       Sometimes when the yeast becomes stale or outdated it would not be active, then rising will become an issue. I've used this brand

      buy those bottles, use whats necessary and store the rest tightly sealed in the upper compartment, preferably putting them in the inner most part of your refridgerator. This way they stay good. Hope this helps.

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