Ennai Kathirikkai

Written by Mullai

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  1. Shilpa

    hi Mullai,
    I tried this recipe, came out well….however it had little kasappu taste, i made it with peanuts purchased from woodman’s…I did the exact way you specified..not sure why it had the kasappu taste or is it that this recipe will taste like that….ya one thing is instead of thick tamarind pulp i made it little watery, but finally it thickened…

  2. mithila

    Hello Mrs.Mullai! 🙂
    I tried this recipe cuz mom was not at home and I was to cook. It turned out pretty well. It had a li’l extra spicyness but all loved it!

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  3. jlakshmi

    Hi Mullai

    Itried this for lunch today. I liked it very much. I just got it bit black color, but used Gingelly oil and white sesame seeds, could be that my Tamarind ( Pazhaya Puzhi – Black color). Taste wise .. YUMMY .. In fact even brown rice taste good with this combination. Not sure what could have gone wrong. I never got your white / yellow appealing color.

    Jaya Lakshmi

    For the past few months, everyday my one or more of my dishes are sure from this site. This is the first website I open launching my internet, so addicted to this…

    1. Mullai


      If you toast the spices for too long then the masala might look dark. Other reason could be your puli. Sometimes it will look dark brown but difinetely not black. Thanks so much for dropping a feedback.

  4. RamyaM

    Its a gud substitute for veg lovers. typical ennai kathirikkai gravy.i had lengthy eggplants.I cut them into 2 halves and did the criss-cross cutting.authentic taste…..

  5. Joyce

    Hai Ms.Mullai,
    Thanks so much for the recipe. I tried with some variations using onion and tomato and 1 tsp of coconut. It came out very well and the taste is yummy. Hats off to u. Your recipes are all wonderful and easily explained. Which part of US are u in? How long have u been here? Quite interested to know since u still have the south indian flavors touching our senses. Thanks once again.

      1. Joyce

        Ms. Mullai,
        It’s really a great experience both in cooking and presenting ur dishes. Great work in progress!!!! Thanks for the reply. We are from California and comfortable with the Indian climate here. Will send in more comments after trying ur dishes. U have become infact a member of our family since i keep saying this is Ms.Mullai’s recipe, etc. Hahah…Have fun. Bye.

  6. aniethamaniezhilan

    hi mullai,

    i think i had problems with the proportions ,so it came out well in appearence but it tastes little salty and i get the hot taste separetly, i dont know how to adjust this one , if u know plz let me know.

      1. aniethamaniezhilan

        hi mullai,

        it turns from worst to better, so any way thanks for ur effort to clear my silly doubts

         thank u once again ,

        take care bye.


    1. Mullai

      Sesame seeds play a major part in this recipe, 2 tsp of peanuts won't be sufficient to make the masala. Even if you use more peanuts, end result would be more like peanut chutney. Anyways I can't say it for sure, as I've not tried this way so far.

        1. Mullai

          Why don't you try and let me know, I have know idea as to what happens or what could it possibly be when there's major change in the proportion or ingredient.

          1. Manoo

            Hi mam, At first I tired it with coconut, it turned out well but more like pirattal curry (thick curry) with strong peanut flavour. Also it took sometime. And I added thick coconut milk. So it came like ennai katharika. However, Sesame and gingelly oil gave the taste to this recipe. 

          2. aniethamaniezhilan

            hi manoo,


              s i tried but it came out well but i had a little coconut thats why it turned to be salty , i dont know how to adjust ,if u have any idea let me know.thanks for this

          3. Manoo

            Hiii Anietha,

            At first I had bitter taste. Someone said that the brinjal may tasted bitter. But the other attempt with coconut and sesame turned out well. Was it salty or bitter? if bitter means as the member said tat must be the brinjal. Honestly I have no idea if its salty.  

          4. aniethamaniezhilan

            hi , its ok manoo,i reduced the salt , with mullais idea, and i really thank u for ur response.

            bye take care 

  7. Ganesh

    I didnt have sesame..so i tried with out sesame, but used little bit Kasakasa seeds instead…it was a hit… The way you have written the recipe is very simple and the pics are big help.

      1. MRS.MAHESH

        hi mullai,
        thanks for ur response.i am Mrs.Mahesh.my name is SivaSankari,shortly Shiva. i kept ennai kathirikkai today afternoon.my husband tasted it first and he said it was different and excellent.thank u so much for this receipe. i am going to taste it.

  8. anup

    hello mullai,
    what else can i use instead of peanut?
    can i use almond?
    if i can use almonds how many almonds do i need to use?
    thank u

    1. Mullai

      Almonds does not suit for this recipe. This recipe is a classic and is only made with peanuts. Some try with cashew and poppy seeds too.

      1. anup

        Finally, i made with peanut and sesame seeds. it turned out very well. i used black sesame seeds and the gravie color was black but the taste was good.next time i want to try with white one.

        thanks a lot mullai( the queen of cooking)

    1. Mullai

      Mahi, you can use any type. As far as I know there is no difference between them except for the colour. Try and let your taste buds decide.

  9. Jeya


    When to add the tamarind paste? btw, do we need to ‘separately’ fry peanuts and sesame seeds or together?


    1. Mathavi

      Could you read the first line of the instruction again. Ms,Mulla has said to fry them seperately. How readers always miss the first line.

  10. Mrs Salman

    Bismillah Hirrahman nirraheem
    Hello Everyone
    this is a goood recipe innshaAllah ill try this soon , but tell me mullai, do i need small brinjals in this recipe or i can try with the big ones


    1. Mullai

      Mrs Salman,

      Did you mean the Egg plant ? Actually only green and purple medium size brinjals suit this recipe. I haven't tried with those huge egg plants.

      1. Mrs Salman

        Bismillah hirrahman hirraheem
        hi mullai,

        actually here in RIYADH i never see small eggplants or brinjals, thats why i asked, cos when ever i have bought them i got the big ones, so i just asked if i can use them too, well innshaAllah ill try to find small or medium sized eggplant, and let u know the results, in which season they come, summer or winter??
        thanks once again.

  11. kaberi

    does anybody know the andhra/telugu name of this recipe???i generally try this recipe not putting all the masalas inside the bringal,but add in oil and fry nicely and then add the brinjals and cover the lid and allow it to cook in low flames..that also comes very good taste.

    1. Mrs Salman

      Bismillah hirrahman nirraheem
      hi, this is a very famous andhra/hyderabadi dish which is called "BHAGARAY BEGUN" thats usually eaten with rice/chapatti , and also serve with biryani

  12. Sandeep

    Hi Mullai!

    I never knew this is a popular Andhra Recipe. I had no brinjals at home(the smaller ones) and I prepared this recipe with the egg plant (Aubergine in German), by cutting it length wise and adding the powder to it, along with a spoon of olive oil so that the masala marinates the eggplant pieces before cooking for aboout 10 minutes. It came out very well that some of my Andhra friends were so delighted to have this after a long time. I made this as a side dish for my Idly and dosa breakfast this morning.

    Thank you very much again Mullai.


  13. Manoo

    I’d luv to try this as brinjal is my favourite vegetable. But, we dont have grinder in uni as rooms in hostels are toooooo small (single rooms r the worst – not even 8×8). So we dun buy anything. I cant wait to try this. Picture is driving me mad…

      1. geetha

        Hello Mullai!
        are you in India right now? Got exited to see Indian flag in your posted message. I even forgot to sign in. Many thanks to you for making me a super cook.

        1. Mullai

          Geetha, I was……… a couple of months back and those were typed that time from India. Currently residing in Michigan, USA. Where are you from?????

  14. Sandeep

    Hi Mullai!

    Its me again. Firstly, I need to say that I couldn’t prepare dosas this weekend coz of my busy schedule. I have brinjal at home and I was looking out for some new recipe with brinjal in your website and I fortunately found this recipe. Thanks for the recipe and here again, I have some doubts that require clarifications from your side.

    In the ingredients list, you have specified Tamarind, Cloves and Cinnamon sticks. But, there is no information in the instructions section as to when and how these ingredients are added to the recipe. Excuse me please if it sounds so silly! It would be great if you could update the recipe with the left over ingredients.

    Thanks again!


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