Strawberry cake (Eggless)

Written by Vijitha

I'm Vijitha. When i entered cooking world, i know only few recipes. Now i'm pretty good in experimenting new recipes.


  1. Amirtha

    hi viji…
    i like to know whether strawberry crush or chopped one s good for cake.
    and also tell me abt whipped cream.., to prepare in home??? pls reply ASAP

  2. 123

    sorry but i have a doubt. i have seen this recipe on other sites too but it mentions baking powder = 2.5 tsp instead of 2 tsp. i am confused.which is right?


    Hi Vijitha

    Thanks a lot for the recipe. It was very easy to find it on the net – just gave “eggless cakes” and got your site.

    I would very much try baking it. But pleas let me know exactly what flour I should be using. I am very much new to all this.

    I would very much appreciate it if you can get back to me.


    1. Kamalakshi

      Hi Bhanu,

      Are you the one I met in Prashanth Hospitals, Chennai. If so, pls respond. If not, sorry…, please ignore.

  4. Ramya Ashok

    Awesome!!!strday tried ths recipe and it was really superb….i havent made such a soft cake so far…it was soooooooo……….soft n melts in the mouth.Got gud appreciations 4m my DH n MIL viji.hats off 2 u.

  5. Lakshmi Mani

    Vijitha this cakes looks so tempting.Was searching for cake recipes and resulted here.Am planning to do this for my husband’s b’day next week.My first try on a cake !!!Wat is the icing you have used Vijitha?

  6. sivamahesh

    hi viji,
    i am thinking to bake this cake tomm. could u say which size of baking pan holded this amount of cake mixture.

  7. vidhyajayaram

    hi viji,
    i have’t tried ur cake till now as my husband does’t like cakes..but one day i will try it and let u know…pics itself tempting me a lot…

  8. shalinivenkatesh

    dear viji,

    can you pls tell me how to make the whip cream for decoration? ur cake looks yummy. is thr a way we can make the whip cream without using electric blender?


    1. Vijitha

      Hi Shalini,

      You can make whipped cream using blender(Mixie.. preferably juice jar) also. First you have to refrigerate the jar so that it will be very chill. Then just blend the heavy cream for few minutes. Now add sugar, few drops of vanilla essnce and whip for few more minutes. But electric blender will give very good result.VIJI

  9. Sudharavi

    Hi viji, I tried this cake for New Year …By the way Very Happy n Prosperous New year 2008 to u . Cake taste was very nice. I dressed with whipped cream and on the top i decorated with strawberry slices as u said. But … it was hard not like the sponge cake feel. I used baking soda instead of baking powder(I don't know if both are same or different) and i think it requires better mixing than i did.Anyways i will try next time and i will tell u the outcome.But taste was really good viji .Thank u .Have a nice day.

  10. bhargavi

    man ..u r cake is awesome….what is that u have in u r hands….:)

      I too tried ..but something went wrong…Might be because of Strawberries…those were a bit sour.. Suggest me where can i find better ones…. then i can try again …

    1. Vijitha

      Hi Bhargavi, If you are not able to find good strawberries go for frozen one.I used to get strawberries from nearby vegetable farms. If its a bit sour means soak it in sugar for few more mins. Hope it will take out the sourness. Better luck next time VIJI

  11. Manoo

    It turned out well… Thank you….. we decorated too.. i like decoration…. so we did….

    we tried half of it with pineapple too.. it turned out well…for pine apple, we added green colourin also some apple (not pine apple)essence…. trust me it was awesome… i added lime too as u mentioned here.

    i mixed yellow colouring to the whip cream also some pine apple essense… and decorated. it was good… but unfortunately before i take pic our guys ran away with the cake…nxt time we are not lettin any inside our hse until i take a pic….

    Aunt only baked in gas oven… i really have no clue how to bake once she leaves… i saw ms.malika bathirinath usin microwave to bake cake. but cant remember how she did… do u kno how to use microwave to bake cake.. if so kindly let me kno pls….Thanks again..

    Merry X mas,,,

    1. Vijitha

      Hi Manoo. Glad to hear from you that it turned out well. Now you are expert in baking too. cake rani aakitinga. Next time try 3 layer cake. One with starwberry, other with pineapple, and the other with chocolate or with plain vanilla. And the layer should be less than 2 cm thickness. It will taste yummy.

      Oh very innovative idea for mixing colours.

      Even i have seen in TV bout microwave cakes. I havent tried that yet. Will try it after some time ma. Now our house is filled with cakes and i know for sure we will get more cakes from friends too Smile.

      Will try it after sometime and let you know ma. We have to add more buttermilk and milk when we bake cake in microwave.

      Merry Christmas and joyful 2008


      1. Manoo

        Amma used to make cakes all the time… but i dont kno how to bake as amma sent those cakes to bakery to bake… I luv to do icing…so i was the one making birthday cakes for our frnds & relatives… he he… Those times are crazy times… Btw, I am savin all recipes so i can bake in oven if i get one later…Anyways thanks again….

        Bye for now

  12. Nithya

    hi viji,
    Lovely & tempting pic.I love pista cake.Is it the same method to prepare layered creamy pista cake.
    and 1 more question.If adding egg can u suggest how many to add.
    lots of thanks,

    1. Vijitha

      Hi Nithya,

      While making cake with eggs you can easily remember the ingredients as 1234

      1 cup oil or melted butter
      2 cups of sugar
      3 cups maida
      4 eggs

      Along with that you need to add 1.5 tsp of vanilla essence (just to take off the egg smell), baking powder, nuts (according to your wish), dried raisins and a pinch of salt.

      I haven't tried pistachio cake yet.You can try and let me know the results.


  13. Radha Arvindh

    Hi Vijitha..

    Fantastic presentation and mouth watering recipe..Sorry I can just leave some comments now.I shall give it a go and shall surely get back to u with the results.My son loves cakes and a great treat to members for christmas I guess..


    Radha Arvindh 

    1. Vijitha

      Hi Radha,

      Thanks for your comments. This is specially for vegetarian members. I will post Christmas cake recipe sometime tomm with eggs, nuts and raisins in it. If you prefer to use eggs, u can add 1 or 2 eggs instead of milk in this recipe.. That will also taste good.HAppy hoildays!!!!


  14. sitara

    hi vijitha ,
    ur cake recipes are simply superb !!!!
    i have question instead of strawberry wat other fruit can we use ?? and also can we make this cake omitting the strawberry and using nuts alone instead ?? y cos i don like strawberry , pls give sum suggestion. Thanks in advance


    1. Vijitha

      Hi sithra,

      I tot of telling Oh my God.. Smile. just kidding. No strawberries, no non-veg. Hmm . I haven't tried egg less cake recipe other than with strawberry and banana. Thank God you like nutsSmile. If you are not using strawberries please omit that strawberry essence and add few more drops of vanilla extract. Add more chopped nuts like pecan,walnut,almond, cashew, dried cherry. Give a try and let me know how it came out. Awaiting to hear results from you.  VIJI

  15. Mullai

    Lovely recipe!! Perfect timing too. Hi Vijitha, thanks for sharing, actually there were quite a few request for eggless cakes and all our readers would be delighted. Thanks again.

    1. Vijitha

      Hi mullai,

      You are always welcome. I love cakes. So tried so many varieties and just took pics and save it in my system. Now got a chance to post it. Thanks for this site.Hope you have started preparing dishes for coming holiday season. Happy Hoildays!!


  16. Sudharavi

    Hi viji, Thank u very much vijitha for eggless cake recipe. I will try this for this New year 2008 and will give u my feed back , u are so kind and responded (presented) eggless cake for vegetarian cake lovers like me.Advanced merry merry chrismas to u and ur family. .I wish u very Happy and Merry chrismas to MULLAI n all the rest of the members of the spiceindiaonline family . viji ,Have a nice day.



    1. Vijitha

      Hi Sudha. U r very much welcome. Better go for fresh strawberries when making this cake. If you love nuts and dry fruits like cherries go ahead and mix it. I love nuts. specially cashew and almond. Chop it and mix it with the batter along with the chopped strawberries to get nutty taste. 

      Thanks for your wishes. Merry Christmas and happy new year to u and to ur family also. And all the best for your 2008 cake. If you are interested in decorating the cake, you can cover the cake with whipped cream or vanilla frosting from the shop. On top of it decorate with strawberries.(Slice the strawberry into 2 and stick it on top of the whipped or frosting cream).


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