Egg Biryani

Written by Mullai

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    1. Mullai

      Either go with 2 whistles straight or one whistle and then cook over low flame for 15 minutes. But that egg needs to be added after you cook the rice in the cooker orelse will break while pressure cooking…. add only after the pressure releases and then dum for few minutes.

  1. Sneha

    Nice recipe I loved it I thought it’s a very long process but it tastes awesome can you plzz post hyderabadi dum biryani in hyderabadi style and biryani masala recipe also plzzz

  2. priya

    Hi Mullai,I tried this today with dum method for the first time and it was the best biryani i husband liked it a lot.
    if you dont mind could you please tell me how to do chicken dum biryani?

  3. Ramya.B

    Tried this receipe today.. came out very well.. 😉
    Me and my husband enjoyed it very much..!
    thanks a lot and keep up the good work..

  4. rakhee

    Hi Mullai, I m a fan of ur recipes.I hav tried ur palak paneer,chicken vindaloo,gobi manjurian n potato peas masala before.Today i tried ur egg biriyani n was succeessful.I hav seen many usual egg biriyani recipes bfor but urs is different by using scrambled eggs.Thanx…

  5. sahathevet

    Hi Mullai
    I have been watching this site for a while.The way you are presenting the recipes are so good especially this egg biryani.
    I have tried few recipes, it turned out awesome.Good work and thank you for posting mouthwatering recipes.

  6. HarshDiv

    Hi Mullai, I tried this recipe today and it turned out very delicious….Since I dont have a dosa kal I placed it directly over the flame and placed a vessel with water over it. konjam kulanchiduchu. But tasteful!!! Just curious to know the reason for placing a pan with water over it? Thank you for the recipe – Kokila.

    1. Mullai

      Harshdiv, thanks for getting back. My stove is electric and with coil… heat doesn't flow properly like gas stove, placing a dosai pan will help to flow evenly and also avoids too much sticking of rice to the bottom of the pan. Using pan is optional, placing water on top to give some weight over the lid just like pressured cooking. Thanks.

  7. shalu

    i tried this a month ago but my hubby dosent like tomato and onion seen in the rice . give me tips to make it with out onion and tomato wether we can graind onion and tomato

    1. Mullai

      Divya, romba nalla irruku!!! I have to appreciate your dedication, thavarama… no no.. salikkama you send a feedback to all of us, thanks a bunch. Veetla keerai Irruka??? start making pakodas…today's special.

  8. Vidhya Vijay

    hi mullai, thanks for this great recipe and very nice presentation.i tried this recipe yday for dinner and it came out really good.

  9. meenugopi

    hi mullai

    planning to try this recipie this week end but really feel like eating seeing ur description hats off to u wil try it soon and send u a msg

  10. sri2k2003

    Hi Mullai!

    I tried this recipe last weekend and it didn’t come out quite well. I think my rice ,yogurt ratio messed it up. I can see you have mentioned 2 cups which i believe is 500gms, yogurt 1cup-250gm. I wish everyone post the ingredient in gms rather than cups because the cup measurement differs with each member which is so confusing.
    I am not going to give up , I’ll surely try again this recipe.

  11. sunitha

    Amazing Mullai…. Will try soon………….I had a similar recipe from my neighbour, who adds the egg in the beginning (i.e.when the masala is getting done)just before the rice is added. And then she adds the water and allows it to cook. How does that sound??

  12. bhuvi

    this is my first day in this website…added to the favorites…Really beautiful work…I am going to try …most of them are our family favorites…

  13. jlakshmi

    Hi Mullai

    I tried this for dinner y’day over the stove top. Turned out to be very good. Less Spicy. I think I just got it tiny tiny bit over cooked . But other than that Taste was awsome. Real care when adding the boiled eggs so that they don’t break .

    Thank you.


  14. jlakshmi

    I will let you know Tom.. I am trying the stovetop homestyle dum method. I always use RiceCooker, first time I m trying stovetop to see if I am getting a better taste.. will update Tom.

    Thanks for the wonderful recipe, I was about to make Shrimp Biriyani and after seeing this.. couldn’t resist to make this one.

    Thanks Mullai. Excellent presentation.

    Jaya Lakshmi

  15. Radhika suresh

    hi mullai can we do this in a ricecooker.since i dont have the big vessel&thick bottom dosai kallu.please help.ur recipe is good.thanks in advance.

    1. Mullai


      Rice cooker also works, taste differs avalavuthan!! You can follow the  same recipe, pop everything in the rice cooker, let it cook 70 %, then add the scrambled egg masala over top and close it to cook until done. Try and let me know. The reason to put it over dosai kal is to avoid too much burning (adi pudikkirathu). But you can also put the flame to very low setting and try directly over the flame. Thanks.

  16. Aruna

    hi mullai nice recipe infact iam looking for this recipe , see i have a doubt about “hard boiled egg” ?????
    i always boil the eggs in a high heat for 10 minutes and in a low heat for 5 minutes then i will put it in a cold water for some time , but the egg will break while peeling the outer layer why? can you tell me the reason

    1. shan

      Aruna, better use a drop of oil and a 2 pinch of salt while cooking the eggs. So that it won't stick to the outer layer. Easy to peel-off

    2. abhimuthu


      I have had this problem often. Here is what I did and it worked for me. Bring the egg to room temperature and then boil the egg only for 10 minutes. Then trasfer to cold water for a min and peel.

      If the egg is over boiled and/or if the egg is in cold water for long time, I had problem peeling the eggs. Good luck Hope this helps.



    3. kaviarun

      Hi Aruna, i cook eggs in pressure pan for just 1 whistle and remove from heat, after steam releases take the egg out and peel in running tap water(cold)…you can peel easily, If the eggs doesn't boil well u can't peel properly. Thanks.

    4. Manoo

      Hiiii, I boil eggs in boiled water for 10 – 12 mins (sometimes till i see slight cracks as some eggs take lot time to be boiled) and just transfer it under running water. After 3 – 5 mins I peel the skin without any prob. I read it in some magazine and it works all the time. Good Luck. I keep the egg out till the water get boiled btw.. Others also gave tips. Hope it helps you. 

    5. Mullai

      Aruna, sorry couldn't reply you immediately.. actually bring the eggs to room temperature, then boil for 10 minutes over medium high flame, run under cold water, make few cracks, again put them under running water, peel gently. Members have shared many tips which you can try too. My special thanks to all of them.

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