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  1. sajitha

    Hi Mullai,
    I am a recent visitor to ur site.I appreciate ur good work.I have already tried a couple of recipes from ur site and all have been a blast so far.I just finished making dates halwa and it is delicious.My daughter does not eat much of anything,but she has already grabbed 2 pieces of halwa.I am so happy that i found ur site.THANK YOU.

  2. bvani

    Hi mullai,

    i tried this yesterday.. i came very well. but it was so soft.. it came like halwa.. i was not able to cut it. it was not that much firm.. what would be the mistake?? may be i switched off before it became firm??

    1. Mullai

      Bvani, they will be soft but once you refrigerate they become slightly firm and thats when you cut them. If you want them to be really firm then, try little white corn starch/ corn flour while stirring them. Thanks.

  3. Sanram27

    Hi mullai,

    iam sangita….its seems to be easy to cook and looks so nice…definitely will try this week…one doubt is their any alternative available for condensed milk…..

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