Chilli Chicken

Written by Deepu


    1. Mullai

      Hi Judy,
      Ajinomoto is just a taste maker and you may skip that part, there is no substitute for this, just add a pinch of sugar instead which would even out the dish.

  1. Sureka

    Chilli chicken: Hi Deepu yesterday I prepared this dish and it came out awesome. My hubby loved it. Thank you for posting this recipe.Chilli chicken: Hi Deepu yesterday I prepared this dish and it came out awesome. My hubby loved it. Thank you for posting this recipe.

  2. Ron

    HI Deepu,

    I hav a question.Do we get Maggi chilli garlic sauce as such?
    Coz i hav nt yet cme across wth that.I did spot one called Maggi hot n sweet sauce..
    Kindly tell me wheather anythng else wud do that job?


  3. Ron

    Hi Deepu,

    Jst spotted this recipe.My hubby loves to eat chilli chicken..and iam gng to surprise him wth this.
    Thanks for ur gud recipe.Vl try and let u knw the outcme.


  4. Zarina

    I know what common sense is. U don't have to teach me dat.Itz just a doubt, dat the spice is too much, b'for i start experimenting. Nothing else, no matter who has posted it. Moreover, u don't have to be so harsh to answer 1 question.

  5. Zarina

    Dear Mullai,

    In case i am using 1 kg chicken should i use 5 T (tablespoon) pepper pwdr. Don’t u think it will get too spicy? In d picture shown the chicken amount does’nt look like 200 gram as mentioned by u.It looks like d more quantity is used.

    1. Mullai

      Hi Zarina, don't just blindly post a question, read the recipe thoroughly. This recipe is shared by a member and she has asked to adjust the spice level according to personal preference. Recipes and images are shared with a good intention to clue you as to the ingredients and to show how the final dish looks like, no guarantee given for quantity unless otherwise mentioned. Simple common sense!!

    1. DEEPu

      Hi visitor,

        it will give raw smell and u wont get that lovely taste. I preferred to use maggi brand. u can get this in any Indian geocery.

  6. kaviarun

    Hi Deepu,
    Tried u’r chilli chicken yesterday.It came good.My kids liked very much.Thanks for the fantastic recipe.
    I didn’t add ajinomoto.bye.

    1. DEEPu

      Hi jyothi padavala, 

      Ajinomoto is added to food to enhance its flavour. its an artificial food taste enhancer made of Monosodium Glutamate . It looks like salt. Add little bit bcos its not good for health and dont use frequently. Pergnant ladies pls avoid this. You can get it in all Chinese grocery shop and Indian grocery shop.


  7. Mullai

    Good post, mouth watering pictures. Sure to be on the hit list, our members would luv this recipe. Thanks for sharing with us all.


    1. DEEPu

      hi mullai .. thanks for ur appreciation. i got inspiration from you only. you are really g8. i tried lot of ur recpies all came with super taste.. try to post lot .



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