Chili Tofu

Written by Mullai

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  1. sudha.dilip

    Dear Mullai, we just had this dish for lunch with Peas pulav.. It was delicious.. I have never tasted tofu before, and was always prejudiced that it will not taste good. First time I tried and now, I have changed my policy 😉 Thanks for the dish as well as for introducing tofu in a tasty way into our diet..

    1. Mullai

      Uma, tomato sauce is not necessary, it makes it sweet and little sticky, almost gives a Manchurian consistency. Its up to you… I liked mine spicy and dry, so skipped. All these Indo -Chinese dishes as well as their names are all made up, just fancy mostly like a merry go round with soy sauce and variety chili sauces. Adding this and that  here and there will not affect it much, just the consistency looks different. Adding colour, MSG are also some options. So.. just play with it and adjust according to your taste.

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