Chicken Vindaloo

Written by Mullai

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  1. Lakshmi Mani

    Mullai just making Chicken Vindaloo today..If u dont mind me asking in the Ing 2 table I see 1tsp mustard and in the picture I see coriander seeds??I may be wrong but just wanted to make sure.
    Sorry if am wrong.

    1. Mullai

      Lakshmi, those are yellow mustard seeds, you must see a few black ones too. I don't blame you, they do look like corainder. Try and let me know. Thanks!!

      1. Lakshmi Mani

        Oh I didnt know that there were yellow mustard seeds.We had this for dinner today and came out well.But I didnt get it as gravy as shown ,the taste was good.This week has been "Mullai Varam" cos I have been trying so may dishes this week and everything came out amazingly well.Tried Chicken 65 too today and came out really well. Keep going…

    1. Mullai


      Thank you!!! Not much…..but for vindaloo dish sugar is a must, thats what makes it different from our regular curry. If you want you can try substituiting with honey.

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