Chicken Fried Rice

Written by Mullai

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  1. rumi

    How can I preserve d colour of fried rice as white … it usually turns into yellowish or kind of reddish wen I prepare … pls suggest !!!

    1. Mullai

      Rumi, Fried rice cannot be completely white… it has a light tinge of yellow and brown. But definitely not red unless you put in some kind of red chili sauce or ketchup to it. Over powering with dark colored veggies can make this happen. Solutions: Use a good kind of rice, use a drop of vinegar while cooking rice- this doesnt help with color but yields nice fluffy non sticky rice, add a pinch of sugar while making the fried rice – this helps the veggies to keep thier color intact. Hope this helps and thankyou!

  2. julie80

    Hi mullai,
    i tried this recipe and came out good. But the color was yellowish. i lost that pure white color. can you tell me y it can be ?

  3. Budding kitchen

    Hi there, I just gave it a try…it turned out awesome….yest i tried ur Thai Fried Rice which ultimately turned out to be unimaginably wonderful…thanks a lot for these International Cusines….and Now since i have fish Sauce in my Kitchen cupboards, can u pleas try out more thai recipes

  4. Chris

    If my recipe specifies two fresh green chiles, and and I only have ground Mexican chile powder in my cupboard, how much powder do I add to equate to two fresh chiles?

  5. sandhya

    hi ur recipe is good…i ve question can we use oyster sauce also to it?and can i use green chilli instead of green chilli sauce??and one more question is ok if don use white pepper powder will it make a big diffrence pls reply..thank.u…and nice website

    1. Mullai


      Oyster sauce is little strong so use few drops and check the taste. If you can tolerate the fish sauce, then go ahead adding more. Finely minced green chilies are fine too and adding white pepper powder gives good flavour but its ok to use regular black pepper powder too. Thanks.

  6. malathy

    hi mullai……i love this recipe… seems so easy to make….i am expecting some guests in a few days….can u please tell me how much rice and chicken i have to add, if its for 5 adults? is one cup rice is equivalent for one adult?

    1. Mullai


      Make 6 cups of rice and 2 whole chicken breast for 5 people. As consumption varies depending on individual, I would like to suggest something. Cook everyhting separately…. rice, vegetable mixture and shredded chicken, refridgerate. Prepare 5 cups for the guest, if you feel the shortage you can always make this in minutes.  So this way you dont have waste anything, plain cooked rice can be used later too.

    1. Mullai

      Crownlak, Indian & Chinese stores are the two options you have. Some Mexican stores have them too. If not any relative or friend from India can get it. Its not a must that you should include in the preparation, try to substitute with finely minced green chillies.

  7. crownlak

    Hi, I live in bay area, US. I could not find Green Chili sauce in any Indian grocery store(like India cash n carry, namaste plaza, bharat bazaar) and also in Chinese store like Ranch. Can you tell me where I can get it. thanks

  8. crownlak

    Hi, You have mentioned 1 onion cut length wise in the list of ingredients. Should we add the onion along with other veggies and cook or we have to first fry the onion and then cook other veggies. thanks

  9. Majitha

    Hi Mullai

    Thanks for your receipe. I tried your onion bajji, chicken fried rice, mugahali chicken, chettinad chicken etc. All came out very well. I really appreciate the way of your presentation. Keep it up your good work. Again thanks a lot.

    Majitha USA

  10. Paddu

    Hi Mulls,
    I tired ur Chickenfried rice and it came out really well.Thanks for posting good receipes.Good work.Keep it up and post more receipes so that we can try from ur receipes.

  11. amins kumar

    i loved your chicken fried rice so much….the flavors are unbelievable. defintely going to make it again. by the way, i love your website!!!

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