Chicken 65

Written by Mullai

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  1. Mrs.Ram


    I tried this chicken 65 .. but without adding color.. Came out really well … tasted good.. And also Thanks a ton for your prompt replies for my queries in other recipes..

  2. Shamna

    I liked this recipe but would be better if u add 1tbsp of gram flour or all purpose batter was all burnt in oil..thanx

  3. jkpriyadarshini1984


    Nxt week inge potluck iruku pa. Dh told to make something for 10 ppl. Nan usual aa vere madri chicken 65 panuven. Have that masala from my il’s place..they got it from a muslim meat shop. Nalla than irukum..but just for a change i want to try yours since it looks more appealing. 🙂
    So, evalo panatum ? Potluck ku yevalo pana correct aa irukum? for 10 ppl. Also, overnight marination thevai illaya? Masala 1 hr le nalla flavour panuma chicken ae?
    Please help panangoo

    TIA Mullai..

  4. Aleena703

    I have only recently gotten interested in cooking and I came across this website. I made this dish and everyone loved it. Thanks alot! This website is now a favorite on my browser.

  5. Aleena703

    I have only recently gotten interested in cooking and I came across this website. I made this dish and everyone loved it. Thanks alot! This website is now a a favorite on my browser.

  6. staci

    Hi Mullai, A friend of mine makes this dish and it has always been a favorite of mine. I never thought that I would be able to make this myself. Was so glad to have come across your website and all your wonderful recipes. I have already made this twice and my family loved it. Last night I made your butter chicken and my husband thought it was great. Thanks for making cooking easy and fun. Keep up the good work.

  7. Kavitha123


    I’m a new member. I was just skeptical how my chicken 65 will turn out. Actually it turned out fantastic. Thanks for this wonderful restaurant recipe. I was looking for the ordinary ‘chicken kolambu’. But I could find only Karaikudi chicken curry. Can you pls post the recipe.


  8. Visitor2

    This is a rather old post so I’m not sure if the people looking for answers will find my post; but there is a general rule of thumb when it comes to cooking Chicken. Particularly deepfrying (as is done most often when it comes to chicken in Tamil country)

    If bone in, chix MUST be cooked atleast 25 minutes to completely cook (particularly in this country with salmonella everywhere and if children are part of the guest list)
    If boneless, chicken only takes 5-6 minutes to cook!! Believe it or not!

    So now when I make chix curry, I separate the bone-in and boneless pieces, and throw the boneless pieces during the last 10 minutes.. this way I get tender chix pieces every single time. Until I got to this point, the boneless pieces ALMOST ALWAYS were too tough.. and we used to attribute it to “breast pieces”.. truth is, no. Boneless chix needs no more than 6 minutes of medium heat to cook.. after that, it starts to get tough.. just like fish..

    – Amala

  9. Datta Gholve

    for your receipe, tastes good but I have got a problem as soon as I dip the pieces in oil to fry, the masala gets separated fom the pieces but the taste remains, why is it so?

  10. valli_02

    Hi Mullai I tried your chicken 65 recipe and it came out great. I'm a regular visitor of ur site, have tried many of your recipes and everything has come out so good. Thanks so much.

  11. kjashokkumar

    hi mullai, very very tasty….. thanks a lot but most of the masala is not sticking with chicken…. once i put in oil, masala nd chicken gets separated….pls tell me, how to avoid it…. also pls tell me the recipe of sweet corn chicken soup…advance thanks

    1. Mullai

      This dish is normally deep fried, baking makes it tandoori. The procedure is time consuming, takes about 45 minutes depending on the size. You can try baking, setting it at 450 F for 30 minutes and broil for 5 to 10 minutes. Try and let me know.

    2. Arun A

      Hi Mullai,
      I have seen few sites with recipes. But many recipes look like time consuming or involve long processes. This recipe for chicken 65 looks straightforward and I am very much impressed. I am going to try this weekend. Will let you know the outcome.
      Thanks for posting such good recipes.


  12. Hulda Ashok

    Hi Mullai,

    This site has become one of my favourite recipe sites because of the level of details. I actually tried your Chicken 65 for a picnic last saturday. I increased the quantities and fried about two kilos. I am a novice in cooking and was very nervous when cooking large quantities. But Everybody appreciated that the dish was very tasty. I

    All thanks to you.


    1. Mullai


      Everyone starts as a novice… then amateur (that's where I'm) then slowly progress to become a Pro . Well great! have some fun exploring new recipes and thanks for your feedback.

  13. lakshmipriya

    hai mullai,
    your site is awesome!
    i am searching for a site like this
    for a long time
    all the recipes are too… good
    i am going to try one recipe everyday…

    1. Mullai

      You are most welcome to try anything from this site and can assure you good results. Pls don't forget to get back to us, your feedback is much appreciated.

  14. Visitor

    I stumbled into this site. Thanks for the Chicken 65 recipe. I wonder why this dish is not popular in Indian Restaurants in the UK? Most have not even heard of it!. I have 2 questions. 1.’Will the chicken fully cook in 6 minutes ?’ 2. Do we have to leave the marinate to come to room temperature before deep-frying?



    1. Mullai

      Hello Mallu,
      You are going to cook the chicken over medium high flame, so it should cook. If still not sure, try a sample first and then proceed accordingly. Small ones should be done, only larger red meat might take little longer and that too if they are real big pieces. Coming to second question, no need to bring it to room temperature, proceed straight away. Happy cooking and thanks for visiting.

      1. Gowher

        Its my pleasure visiting such an useful site..infact i did not know about this site before i was searching lots and lots of sites for good recipes. Finally i got to know abt this site. Ur recipes are not only good but are very simple to cook. thanks a lot 4 ur delicious recipes. Keep going on… good work should never b stopped. May god bless u with a long and cheerful life.
        Takecare. bye.

      2. Gowher

        Hi a small help…
        Iam unable to see all the list of recipes u provide. I can only see the most recently posted recipes. can u suggest where can i see all ur recipes… So that i can select or choose watever i want in the provided list.
        Hope u look over it.

        1. Mullai


          Have you seen the recipe index appearing on the right side? It has all the recipes indexed alphabetically and also category wise. Check it out.

  15. mercyusha

    Hi Mullai I tried this a week back and it came out very well. My hubby loved this. So, after that whenever i fry chicken am following this recipe only. Thanks for your awesome recipe. Mercy

  16. Visitor

    Thanks for providing the recipes! They all look good n your explanation is simple that even i can understand the steps 🙂 I have a small query. I realize that in order to get the taste u need to deep fry the chicken however i want to avoid that. Two reasons – Health n the smell that penetrate the house. Can i put the pieces in over n have the same taste? I usually do this for chicken tikka masala as well.. Thanks again

  17. Sophia

    Mullai, major doubt….shud the chicken be cooked before marinating..or just raw chicken, we need to marinate and fry….please reply.


  18. Maryam

    Dear Mullai,

    I wanted to let you know that you have yet another fan out there. My name is Maryam. And, although I am a full vegitarian, my husband is not. I made this Chicken 65 dish 4 him, and he loved it.
    I am not desi, but I spent about 3 yrs learning South Indian cooking. I saw your recipes for sambar, idlis, kolumbu, poriyal..etc..they look authentic, and I am excited to try them out.

    I am amazed at the range of recipes you have. I have had dishes from many parts of the world, and I am happy to see that you have an interest in such. I am curious to know if you have any recipes with couscous (the North African/Arab substitute for rice). That being my favorite since childhood, but I have absolutely no vegitarian recipes for.

    Anyhow, I thank you for your time and devotion to this site. I appreciate your hard work, and I’m sure others do to…hope to see u here online for a long time.



  19. meenuchander

    hi mullai, ur recipes r awesome…i tried chicken 65 the taste was good but everytime i dipped chicken pieces into the gets stuck in the kadai..what mistake i made?thanks in advance..keep posting new recipes meenu

    1. Mullai


      Its very simple, oil not sufficient. Don't use a shallow pan, use a kadai or deep sauce pan, that way there should be atleast a couple of inches of oil above the bottom of the pan. Another common mistake is the oil temperature, if not really hot enough, it goes and sticks to the pan. Try a small piece before dropping the entire batch, that way our mistakes can be adjusted. Check the temperature before each batch too. Hope this helps. Thanks.

  20. sripriyasun

    i tried the vazhaipoo vadai and it came really nice and thanks for the
    reciepe. Hope you guys will send more new recipe like this

  21. roopamurthy

    Hi Mullai,

    I tried this receipe and came out very well and was really tasty. Thanks a lot. But, can we re-use the oil we used to fry chicken??

    Waiting for your reply


  22. thiaguwin

    1) Easy cooking steps !
    2) Excellent Photo !
    3) Kindly provide Tamil translated version
    4) Provide Video with commentary

    i will request my wife to try this.

    have a nice day

  23. Visitor

    Thanks for your receipe, tastes good but I have got a problem as soon as I dip the pieces in oil to fry, the masala gets separated fom the pieces but the taste remains, why is it so?

    1. Mullai

      Hi Visitor, two things have to be right, oil temperature and consistency of the masala.

      1. Oil temperature should be on high setting when you start dropping them and later reduce it to medium flame and fry. You should also note that if its too high, it will burn the 65.

      2. Masala consistency should be thick, if its too watery then it will mix with oil.

      Always check with a small piece, if something goes wrong, adjust accordingly.

      Hope to catch you soon as a member.

  24. Payel

    Really nice site…& awesome pics!! mouthwatering, i must say

    very useful 4 north indian girls married 2 south indians— that’s me 🙂

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