Chicken Tikka Masala – Easy Tikka Masala – Indian Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe

Written by Mullai

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  1. Doug

    This looks like a great recipe but I am trying to find a CTM that is not tomato based, but rather cashew based. Any suggestions?

  2. Shelbin

    Hi Mullai,

    Can you suggest the number of chicken tenders I can use to serve 18 to 20 people ? This is a wonderful recipe, cant wait to try this for a baby shower this saturday.

    1. Mullai

      Shelbin, assuming them with good appetite then one per person and that will make 18 chicken tenders. But if you include more of the grilled veggies then go with about 12. Make extra gravy though! Thanks.

      1. Shelbin

        Hi Mullai,

        I have one more question, can I use canned tomato sauce or puree? Which one will best suit this recipe? Can you tell me the amount too? Sorry to trouble you so much.

    2. Mullai

      Go with crushed tomatoes with no citric acid. Most of the canned tomatoes use citric acid which makes the the dish very tangy and sour. So try to get one with which says just tomatoes and salt. Do not use tomato sauce, puree is ok.

  3. vijisakthi

    hi mullai,

    i hav tried ur recipe yesterday with came out excellently..and it replaced hotel taste..i got credit from my hus..thanks for ur recipe..its rocking tak car

  4. fathimaushana

    I tried this last sunday … It came out very well… nice recipe… bcos of your recipes we cut out going out to eat ! Thanks a lot !

  5. Dhivyavarshini

    Hi Mullai,Yesterday i tried chicken tikka masala it came out really gud.everyone at home appreciated but the credits goes to "Mullai"thanks a lot….

  6. Ron

    Hi Mullai Akka,

    No words to appreciate you..!!! U r fab and awesme…
    I treated my guest last week wthy prawn biriyani,chicken tikka masala,roti,ur ur egg spicy masala..(in a gravy consisitency)..sme phirni..

    Wow..everythng was awesme..came exactly hw it is to be…
    Thanks …a lot..waz showered wth gud appreciationzzz…

    Luv ur recipies..
    Thanks a lot..

  7. DEEPu

    Dear Mullai,

    I like to try this dish.. Can u tell me how the dish tastes ( Tangy, sweety, spicy) pls let me know it will helpful for me….. 🙂

    1. Mullai

      Hey why not??? you would never believe this but true.. it goes very well freshly cooked plain basmati rice. Try and let me know.

  8. abhimuthu

    I tried your chicken tikka masala instead of chicken I added paneer. The only change I made is, I took 1 tsp butter and 1tsp all purpose flour fried it and added 1/4 cup milk,6 cashews and boiled for 2 minutes and ground in mixie after cooling.
    I learnt this tip from my family friend who owns indian restaurant in US.
    Thanks Mullai, the taste of the gravy was so good, I got that real retaurant taste.
    I hope all our members will try and enjoy this scrumptious recipe.

  9. Busy Bee

    The same here.. I am so damn hungry now… Have to order something frm the food shop………. look at this pic and eat the food….

    1. Mullai


      Canon SD450 5 MP, check my store for a quick peek. Bamboo skewers from Dollar tree chain, even regular stores sell them, check the grilling section. thanks!!!

  10. priyabalrajan

    I was searching for this recipe in many sites but i was not able to get the extract recipe. Anyway thank you so much.I am really excited!!!1

  11. Preetha


    Iam a veggie, but would like to do the dish with panner. is marinating need for panner. what modifications do i need to do for making this wonderful dish with panner

    1. Mullai

      Preetha, Paneer doens't need much marinating, use the same marinade, but for broiling cut the time.. as it takes less time to grill. Probably 5 to 6 minutes or until it gets browned on the outside. Try and let me know. Same recipe works good with Tofu and Plain grilled mixed veggies too


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