Chayote Curry

Written by Mullai

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  1. anna73


    Hi Mullai,

    You have almost reinvented this vegetable. I followed your recipe exactly and the result was the best chow chow poriyal I have tasted.

    I was wondering if you could use the same recipe for any other vegetable?

    You are a culinary genius Mullai!!


  2. aarthick

    Hi Mullai, Good one.. You keep rocking !! Can we boil the chayote in pressure cooker and then prepare this dish or will that turn very mushy?

    1. dvece

      Hi, one more easy way to cook chayote is in microwave. put cut pieces of chayote in a microwave safe bowl add salt & turmeric powder cover and keep it in microwave for 3 minutes then take it out, give it a stir and keep it again in microwave but this time uncovered for another 3 minutes. By this way, it cooks perfectly and saves you time.

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