Chana Masala

Written by Mullai

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  1. ashwin


    I am learning to cook. I read many recipes from various sites. I find the following frustrating.
    1.Salt to taste – People like me dont know whether we should add 1 spoon or 1/2. What is the standard measure? (of course we can change according to our taste. But what is the standard requirement?)
    2.Water to add – same thing here too
    3.Approx time for cooking at each stage. – same thing here too.

    Your recipes are a class apart. You give us maximum details and always think of ametures like us.

    Today I tried your Egg Salna. My wife and daughter loved it. The taste of it and the fact that I cooked it. Hats off to you. Now I am more confident and look forward to try a new dish.

    1. Mullai

      Kavi, there’s nothing wrong in using, its just the starch. They are usually loaded with salt and rinsing could one good reason to remove. To drain or not to drain really has to do with the recipe. If the thick, starchy liquid adds something to the recipe, say if its corn… and you’re making corn soup, then use the starch for thickening the soup. In this recipe you don’t need too much starch so discard the liquid and rinse the channa before use.

  2. manjula_c77

    Hello Mullai, I would like to know if you have a preference on the Store bought Channa masala powder. I am not liking the ones I am trying. It actually changes the entire taste of the curry. Please advise

  3. venkatreach

    Hi I started using your recipes and it is very good with a clear steps and nice presentation. In this recipe you've mentioned as "Blend half of the boiled channa to a fine paste like consistency and keep aside. " Can you Pl clarify the doubt as when you will use this blended half. Also you've mentioned as "Add the remaining boiled channa " in the end. So can you Pl clear this doubt. Thanks and Regards, Venkat

    1. Mullai

      Venkat, Once you boil the channa, reserve little for making a paste, this gives a thick gooey consistency to the gravy. You should add the puree as well as boiled channa after adding the masala powders. Add water to adjust the consistency and bring to boil. Hope this helps, thanks.

  4. abigail

    Thanks for ur response and I did this cucumber and chickpea salad using black channa from ur site yesterday it was awesome….

  5. abigail

    Hey Mullai ,
    Can I do the same preparation with black channa coz i have lots of black channa and I want finish them up!!! Please help…

    1. Mullai

      Abigail, black channa suits only for simple salads or sundal varieties. Its got a thick outer covering and doesn't suit much for gravy. Even after cooking it will be dry and chewy and won't blend well with masala.

  6. sentamil

    Nice presentations By Mullai .Hi Mullai, I'm selvi from japan.Ur Recipes looks so good…My friend told me about this site…After visiting to this site, i saw ur recipe.Ur presentation is very very every day i never miss to check ur recipe.The way u r presenting is tempting us to try the recipe..I tried ur onion pakoda and ennai came out very well.Thanks…Waiting to see more recipes…..

  7. Sumi

    Hi Mullai!!!

    One of my friend referred ur pages.My husband is fond of i was trying ur recipies one by one..and the response i get from my husband ooooooooooooooo :-)..nice of u Mullai..u r doing a great job..keep up the good work…
    :-))..the above one u have done is a bit combined of my mom style…Today i tried and the result…obviously it is good….


    1. Mullai

      Sumi, Thanks, seems you are being showered with oooooooo's and ahahhaaaa's enjoy every moment and relish. Appreciate your comments and keep visiting for more.

  8. Visitor

    Can we add the water in which the chick peas has boiled to the gravy? The nutrients in the chick peas might be lost if we strain the water in which it has cooked. But will it affect the tase of the dish?

  9. Bindu

    Hi Mullai
    The recipe was excellent. But i felt the dish to be little hot, so i reduced the chilli powder to 1/2 tsp and green chilli to one.
    May be bcoz, the chilli pwd i am using is hot.
    Anyway good going Mullai. All the best.


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