Cauliflower Peas Masala

Written by Mullai

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  1. Deepa V Kumar

    hi mullai,

    I cooked it without the coconut.. the flavours were gud , but it tasted sour…shud we reduce the amt of any of the ingredients , especially tomatoes , if we are trying this without coconut ?

    i was looking out for recipies to accompany with chappathies for dinner..this wud surely help .

    Thank u

  2. suriyaa

    hi mullai i tried this ,it was superb .my husband also liked it. i want some side dish for chapathi,i like chapthi,weekly thrice i make chapathi ,making same side dish it is really not post me some chapathi's sidedish.

  3. Manoj

    Hi Mullai – while your recipes usually turn out excellent for me (chilly porotta, chicken salna, all the biriyanis etc), this one was a disappointment, and was wondering what I did wrong.
    First off, the ratio of onions/tomatoes to the actual amount of cauliflower seemed too much, so I reduced the onions in ‘Ingredient2’ to 2 medium sized onions and tomatoes to about 4 plum sized ones. And when it came to this step: “Cook this gravy until the raw smell goes away. (about 5 minutes over medium flame)”, I let it cook for an extra 5 mins, and added the other stuff when I thought the smell was gone. But ultimately the dish turned out very raw tasting, and none of the other ingredients even stood a chance in the presence of the onion & tomato paste.
    What do you think should’ve been done different?

    PS: Considering this recipe site is a serious endeavor on your part, and possibly meant for expert as well as amateur cooks, it’d be nice if more details were given out w.r.t to ingredients. Like for example, how much is 5 onions? Medium, Small? Wouldn’t it more helpful to say 2 cups or 3 cups of onions? Which reminds me, since ‘1 cup’ is not necessarily an universal measure, could you also mention what cup measure that is? 236 ml? or is it the Indian rice cup measure?
    Please look upon this as constructive feedback, cos’ otherwise your site is excellent and as far as content goes, it’s definitely one of the best out there.


    1. Mullai

      Hi Manoj,

       Well….. there are a lot of issues to be watched for while cooking, I thought  I've given enough attention to the detail, to make my recipes easier. But after reading your post, I came to know that there are some more facts that I should include in my future post. Thanks for bringing it to light, I really appreciate your feedback.

      With this recipe

       1. The measurements are right, only thing is the size, each region has its own variety, I always go with medium size veggie, or else would state it as small in brackets. Did you add the green peas? Assuming the onions and tomatoes to be medium, this proportion should work.

      2. Sometimes using strong red onions make them taste raw after cooking. Use sweet yellow onions instead, which would be my choice, when it comes to grinding raw onion in any recipe.  Anyway I will change the cooking time to 15minutes. One more suggestion, you can also fry the onions in little oil and then grind to avoid the raw smell.  Sorry about your dish, apologize for the mess.

      3. For the cup measurements, go with 236 ml , if its any other size I would mention.

      Thanks again and in future, do not hesitate to write if somethings wrong. Good luck

  4. kaberi

    i think you should try for MIRCHI KA SALAN AND CUCUMBER N ONION RAITA.nothing goes well with veg biriyani as already all the vegetable are there.

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