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Pomfret Fry (Vavval Meen Varuval)


Silver Pomfret / Vavval, is a great fish for frying. Here is a recipe for simple South- Indian style fish fry.

Vavval in Tamil, Chanduva In Telugu, Velutha Avoli in Malayalam, Thondrette in Kannada, Surangat in Konkani,  Chandi in Bengali.

Vavval Meen Varuval / Vavva fry / Varutha Meen / Pomfret Varuval / Masala . . . → Read More: Pomfret Fry (Vavval Meen Varuval)

Muttai Omelette Kuzhambu


முட்டை ஆம்லெட் குழம்பு

Simple tangy egg gravy made with steamed egg omelette.

Egg Gravy / Egg Omelet Kuzhambu / Egg kulambu / Steamed egg gravy / Muttai Omelette Gravy / Muttai Kaara Kuzhambu / Chettinad Muttai Omelette Kuzhambu



Ingredients – 1 2 count Eggs 1 count  onion  1 green chili  1 . . . → Read More: Muttai Omelette Kuzhambu

Nethili Meen Varuval

Description: Nethili Meen Varuval is a crispy fish fry which tastes simply divine. These are fresh Indian Anchovies coated with light masala and deep fried. In case if you don’t find these in your local market then substitute them either with fresh Sardines or Smelt. If using frozen, thaw at room temperature and then proceed.

Nethili . . . → Read More: Nethili Meen Varuval

Brain Fry


Most people are turned off  with Brain Fry or curry. May be its got the most bizarre “brainy ” look or its a little too much for some of them to stomach, although for others like me it sounds completely natural.  Well, if  you can cast away with that weird thought then you get to . . . → Read More: Brain Fry

Side Gravy for Biryani



Most restaurants serve a  free side gravy as accompaniment for biryani which taste  ridiculously amazing.. We usually get these in small portions packed in tiny cartons and enjoy licking every last bit of it.  I was trying to replicate something similar and ended up with this recipe which I can guarantee  restaurant quality. . . . → Read More: Side Gravy for Biryani

Kozhi Kuzhambu


Spicy Chicken curry simmered in thick coconut sauce.  Typical south Indian style korma or kuzhambu. Addition of copra and fennel are the key to this recipe which gives immense flavor so do not skip the surprise.

Korma / Chicken Kuzhambu / Madras Style Chicken Gravy / Simple Spicy Chicken Curry / Kurma . . . → Read More: Kozhi Kuzhambu

Pudina Chicken


There are certain recipes which I cook often and among them chicken curry stands first. Instead of just doing the regular curry I add few new ingredients here and there to give a twist and make it different from routine.  Adding  mint leaves to the curry could be one better option, it adds immense . . . → Read More: Pudina Chicken

Chilli Chicken Recipe (Restaurant Style) I சில்லி சிக்கன்

No introduction needed for this item, just gather the ingredients, grab your pots and pans and start cooking……….. enjoy the feast !!

Chilli Chicken / Chili Chicken / Chinese Chili chicken / Fusion Chili Chicken / Spicy Chili chicken / Restaurant Chili Chicken / Appetizer / சிக்கன் / சில்லி சிக்கன் / Indo- Chinese

. . . → Read More: Chilli Chicken Recipe (Restaurant Style) I சில்லி சிக்கன்

Salmon Varuval

Simple fish fry made with Wild Salmon fillet. These are available in walmart under frozen aisle. In my quest to find a perfect match in Tamil, I ended up going here, seems it belong to this species "Eleutheronema tetradactylum"  which in tamil is Kaala / காலா. Check this link

. . . → Read More: Salmon Varuval

Eral Keerai Poriyal (இறால் கீரை பொரியல்)

இறால் கீரை பொரியல் ~~~ Sauteed Greens with Shrimp / Prawns.

. . . → Read More: Eral Keerai Poriyal (இறால் கீரை பொரியல்)

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