Carrot Halwa Recipe

Written by Mullai

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  1. krishna

    Hi Mullai,

    Your carrot halwa looks soooo delicious, can't wait to try it out. I have a pack of baby carrots in my fridge, will that work for this recipe? As for cup size, can I use a regular cup like the small measurement cup that comes with electric cooker? Pls help 🙂



    1. Mullai

      Dear Krishna, any carrot should be fine as long as it tastes sweet. I personally don't like baby carrots as they sometimes smell like mud (this is my opinion) and kind of strong. I like long slender carrots as they are sweet and non interfering with the taste. Just taste a few raw and see if you like the level of sweetness and then proceed with the recipe. I used regular measuring cup (250 ml), its ok to use rice cooker cup but make sure to adjust the rest of the ingredients depending on that measure. Thanks.

      1. krishna

        Dear Mullai,

        Thanks for pointing that out about the baby carrots, I actually never realized it…my hubby dislikes carrots, except in carrot halwa form 🙂 I'll go and check for the long slender ones you suggested at Walmart and try with those. I'll also keep in my mind your suggestion regarding measurement cup. I'm happy to say I learnt to cook a lot of dishes by looking up recipes from your site, now that Amma cannot be reached for SOS as in India, it is you who's my cooking bible 🙂 Solid place to fall back to, when ever I want to surprise hubby or when guests are coming. Keep up the excellent work!



  2. kraechel

    Hi Mullai,

    Can you please let me know if I have to look for any specific type of Carrots for this sweet in the US? I have this doubt as back in Bombay we get red delicious carrots which are naturally sweeter than other orange carrots varieties.They make a great ingredient for this recipe.

    Thanks in advance and Happy Diwali wishes.


    1. Mullai

      Kraechel, red carrots?? they are not common here.. all we get is orange carrots and I use the one which are slim and bright orange. Extra large or bulky carrots are very strong and mature.. they smell like mud, so avoid those. Wishing you a great diwali. Thanks.


  3. reshatha

    hi mullai.. i tried this receipe and it was awesome.the only thing was that it was too sweet.thanks for all the great receipes.

  4. Rob

    Hello – Namusta,

    I have just got back home from 3 months in Mumbai and miss the Indian food badly. One dessert that I would like to try to make at home was like a milky white fudge – apparently made by boiling milk for a long time…does anyone have a name and a recipe for this lovely dessert?

    Thanks for any help, Rob


    hai mullai i love all indian sweets but i miss them here,i saw ur website and tried some of ur sweet recipes and the taste was awesome ,now i am able 2 make all the sweets that i miss only bcos of people like u ,ur presentation is really gud  ,i made ur carrot halwa for my guest and they really enjoyed it ,thanx a lot mullai and allthe very best for ur future post

  6. kalpanasunder


    Hi Mullai,

    Today i tried carrot halwa,it came out well, but sugar is very high.and ur halwa color is not coming,but taste is good.

  7. Jeya

    Hi Mullai,
    I tried the carrot halwa, It was really fantastic!!!
    My husband liked it a lot. Thanks for the perfect recipe.

    We have a party tomorrow.
    I am asked to do this for around 45 people.

    can you please tell me the quantity.
    I am thinking of taking 12 cups of carrot.
    Doing three time as 4cups each.
    Will it be good if I take the exact multiple for the other items.


    1. Mullai

      Jeya, The above recipe serves about 5 to 6 people(approx), so might take more than 12 cups assuming 2 to 3 scoops for each person. To be on the safe side make it 14 cups and do the exact multiple for others. May be cut down on the cashews, if you think its too much, as I have used 10 whole cashews. If you happen to have a big sturdy pot(something like a big pressure pan), finish off in 2 batches. Good luck and have fun.

  8. cookingmyths

    Hey Mullai… That pic makes me drool… I'm gonna try it over the next weekend… cant control my temptation while seeing that pic.. im still drooling.. LOL

  9. shan

    Mullai ma'am just now i tried Carrot Halwa and it really came-out very very well… for my hubby to taste C.H…I'm tasting it now…really superb taste and thanks for the perfect measurements. Regards, shan

  10. kanatara

    Hi Mullai, I tried this recipe last weekend and it came out very well. However, It took more than 45mins to absorb the milk on high flame. Do I have to do anything else to reduce this time? Thanks, -karthi

    1. Mullai


      Sometime it happens depending on the pan which we use for making sweets. I use a heavy copper bottom pan, which took a little under 30 minutes (approx). But anyway thanks.


    2. Anja

      The same happened to me, I just prepared it and it took ages to absorb on high flame. But the outcome is fantastic. Thank you Mullai!


    Dear Manoo, I think u can keep it in the fridge ,whenever u need it u can heat only in microwave for 1 or 2 min with the syrup (if u think jamuns bcome hard or syrup thickens).


    You can divided the jamuns in different boxes and store in fridge use dry spoons to serve the jamuns. Pls reply to me if it works or fails.

    1. Manoo

      Dear Latha,

      Thanks for your reply. I will try as you said… I think I will only finish them after a month. But will let you know when I finish the last one… No one like jamuns in uni so I have to finish it alone :(:(:(

      Thanks again


  12. Manoo

    Need a help urgently……. I got plenty of gulab jamuns (Not the dried one, I got the one in syrup). How can I keep it for sometimes. I used to keep 4 or 5 in fridge for 3 or 4 days. But the jamuns become hard. That is not a prob now.

    Now my problem is those 50 jamuns, coz it is a big amount. Can I keep them in fridge for 3 or 4 WEEKS. Wont they get fungus. I am not sure about the thickness of syrup. Do I have to thicken the syrup b4 puttin them in fridge. Or I can just keep them out. I have no idea abt storing gulab jamuns :(:(:(

     Looking forward to hearing from anyone who knows abt it.



    P.S:- They were home made jamuns

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