Butter Chicken

Written by Mullai

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  1. Krithiga Raja

    Hi Mullai,

    I tried this recipe on Sunday itself, but forgot to post comment. It was awesome, same taste as restaurant. Thank you so much for such good recipes….

  2. shantasm

    good one, prepared this dish with “Chicken Substitute” from Morning Star – Chickin Strips and it was just too good. Thanks for the detailed recipe.

  3. GowriPrasanna

    Dear Mullai
    I have only a microwave at home, is it possible to bake chicken in that ? If not…pls suggest an alternate way.

  4. pramilashriyan

    I tried this recipe last week with Mutton moghlai and Mattar Paneer — It Was tooooooooooooooooooooooo good…….i had some guests, every body enjoyed.

  5. sanju_anju

    Hi Mullai, i tried your recipe and it came out very well. My husband like it very much. Keep it up and bring more tasty reicpes.

    Regards Anju

  6. shanthiganapathi

    Hi mullai i tried this recipe it came out very well. same like restarant taste thanks a lot.I saw somany food site but u r site is outstanding from other site. keep it up mullai thank u.

  7. swethavet

    Hi Mullai,
    I am making butter chicken for the first time. Can you please tell me how many people will this serve, so that I can adjust the chicken quantity to my requirement.

  8. Barbara1243

    Hello Mullai,
    Could you or any of the members please explain something for me.
    In the above recipe, the word ‘nos’ is used often in the ingredient list…would someone please tell me what the word ‘nos’ means?
    Thanks so much,

      1. Barbara1243

        Hi abi,

        Thank you so much for your kind response.

        I've seen many recipes with the word 'no' or 'nos' in the ingredient list and because  I'm used to seeing it written as "1 onion, sliced" , I thought it might mean the "size" as in small, medium or large …however, that synopsis didn't fit in all occasions, which left me baffled as to it's true meaning.

        I found this site quite by accident just a few days ago and finally managed to register successfully last night. I'm delighted to be a member and look forward to many happy hours perusing the recipes and reviews of others.

        Thank you again abi and thank you too Mullai, for a wonderful site.


  9. naveena_t

    am sure this tastes as yum as it looks! wat i was thinkin was that u can also completely puree the tomatoes and the onions .. that wud give it a more creamy texture dont u think.

  10. jlakshmi


    I had tried this last weekend for some guest dinner. No douby why its the best. I followed the same procedure , only couldn’t get Kasthuri Methi in time , But everything was same . It was SO SO SO SO Excellent. It was a rich dish. I had made this and Navaratna Kurma for Chappathi. Kids loved it.

    Jaya Lakshmi

  11. David

    can u state the amount of chicken in lbs. I do not know what size.
    also i put in 2 medium size onions. it looked like a lot.
    please reply

  12. esha krish

    yest i made butter chicken for some guests at my home.it cameout….huh!.. searching for words to put it here…..it was superbbbbbbbbb!thanks.

  13. Visitor

    hi mullai,

    All ur recepies R excellent and awesome. Thanks a lot.

    Pls let me know where i get Bamboo skewers in US. u mentioned half
    & half milk.. is it 2% reduced milk. can we serve this gravy for plain rice or briyini.


    1. Mullai


      You get bamboo skewers in all American grocery stores, check the grilling aisle, they usually hang them over the sides of the aisles. 2% milk is different from Half and half. This is half cream and milk, would give rich gravy. You can also use regular 2%, but consistency will look very thin.

  14. Visitor

    hi mullai,

    tried ur receipe for 1st time. it turned out so yummy. i changed the quantity according to the amount of chicken. it was very good receipe. i am so happy that i am able to make this dish as resturant style. thanks and keep up ur good job… take care

  15. Kirthika S

    I’ve a couple of questions Mrs.Mullai. Can I use ghee instead of butter? Not only for this dish, even generally??? If NO, what difference does it make? The next question is when I use the skewrs in the oven, should I be keeping the skewer on a tray directly or on the wirerack which is placed over a tray? Thanks.

    1. Mullai

      Dear Kirthika, Ghee would an execellant choice tastewise for any curry or saucy preparations. Butter would be a good choice for baking biscuits and breads. Coming to difference…. Ghee is one step more than clarified butter. Clarifiying is the process of breaking down the milk solids and water from butter, which follows in few minutes  after you melt the butter and boil. This is not ghee but one good substitute (this is what happens in this recipe). When the milk solids  carmalizes to golden, you get to see the 100% pure ghee, which is one step above clarified butter. Coming to your second question, the right process is to place the skewers on a wirerack placed over a tray. But unfortunately I don't have a wire rack and ended up, placing them directly over the tray. Ofcourse, chicken might release water, which needs to be drained after the first 10 minutes. Hope I've made everything clear.



    1. Mullai


      This recipe does not include any whipping cream, I've used half & half milk. Any brand is fine and you can also try with heavy cream too.

  16. Visitor

    I m a person who like to cook variety dishes. I have a collection of recepies. This is the first time im visiting ur site. Its amazing dear. I think im very late to see this site. I like paneer, Chicken, Veg very much. I want to know can i make biscuit in the Microwave? i have black & Decker covection microwave oven. Pls send some recepies which i can try.
    thakink u.

    1. Mullai


      You cannot use aluminum foil in a microwave. Moreover for this recipe, using a microwave is not a good idea, sure to spoil the dish. Do it over the stove or convection oven.

      1. Manoo

         Still I wanted to check with you. Thank god. Didnt blow up the hse. Btw, We have an oven in our new place. I have not tried anything on it. At home, I never cared to learn how to use it. Have to figure it out now without blowing up the house as its works in gas. The oven or whatever that is, is in the gas cooker. Let me try when I get break.

  17. ramyakalyankrishnan

    Hi Mullai,
    I tried this dish two times,the first time I did not have any bamboo skewers and I did not bake the chicken instead just cooked it along with the gravy.It tasted good.But today I made it exactly the way you have posted ,using bamboo skewers and baked the chicken in the oven.Wow amazing difference!!!The taste is great!Thanks a ton.To enjoy the actual taste of this recipe I feel its really necessary to follow every step you posted without skipping any over convenience or availability.Thanks a lot for posting such a wonderful recipe.

    1. Mullai

      Dear Ramya,

      Good to hear that you have figured the right way.  Great feedback, not that I'm being proud or anything, but its neccessary to follow certain important steps to get the special taste that you are looking for. Moreover I'm sharing recipes which I'm familiar with and if you follow them exactly as posted, it would be easy for me to answer or fix when there's a problem. Thanks again.

  18. Shiva Mahesh

    Hi Mullai Madam,

    I tried this recipe when i invited my husbands friends to home for lunch. it came very well. it was very rich dish during the lunch. everyone liked it so much, they all appreciated me including my husband. THANK YOU SO MUCH. the recipe was simple , easy @ clear to understand. Expecting Ginger Chicken Soon from u.Thanks. Bye.

  19. ramyakalyankrishnan

    Hi Mullai, Your site is excellent, especially for beginners like me.I tried this recipe,it turned out great.Thanks a lot. RamyaKalyan

  20. Mamata

    I tried this recipe couple of months ago. It came out really well. Thank you for the recipe. The dish was exactly the way we eat in Restaurants.

  21. Manoo

    Hi mam,
    I also wanted to ask you abt baking. Coz I have seen someone asking wat to do if she doesnt have a microwave oven. So thought you have used microwave. like toasting chicken in aluminum foil.

    1. Mullai


      Conventional or toaster oven works for this recipe. If you don't have one, just brown the chicken on a regular iron skillet with little oil and add it to the gravy, taste may differ though.

  22. binu

    Hi Mullai

    i tried this recipe and it came out excellent (just as we had it in a restaurant) and even more tastier. the quantities were perfect. thank u for a very very delicious recipe.
    i am looking for a Ginger Chicken recipe. Will u please post it Mullai. Thank u once again for a lovely recipe


    1. Mullai

      Hi Binu,

       Thanks for trying, very glad it worked perfect. BTW Gingerrrrrr Chicken….. give me time to explore and when I succeed , you will see it here.

    1. Mullai


       There are a couple of choices

      1. Easiest of all, buy Tandoori chicken from any restaurant , scramble it and add it to the gravy.

      2. Grill chicken at home using an electric grill. If you are lucky enough to have a classic Indian earthen charcoal grill, trying grilling it.

       3. If nothing works directly add the chicken to the gravy, taste may differ though.

      Hope this helps.

  23. rajkumar

    hai mullai keep it up. ur explainations to what needed are very clear and nice to make the dish. even though i m a male i love cooking in my leaisure time and i tried many on my own but with ur guide i prepared 110% fully enriched dishes. thank u

  24. Visitor


    I just happened to see this video on YouTube accidently and came to your site.
    I must say you have wonderful recipes and so i decided to try your butter chicken recipe.
    It was the best chicken dish i ever made…yummy!!! and now am a big fan of ur site.
    Keep up the good work and a special thanks for adding the video…am going to try all your recipes now….

    Thanks a lot

  25. Visitor

    Hai,Yesterday i tried this recipe.Its comes very well.Now i am fan of ur web site.Daily i am searching for new recipes in ur site.Thank u soooo much.

  26. Visitor

    Hey there i m a newly wed and live with my inlaws
    i cant cook if my life depended on it….and everyone has been waiting for me to cook something decent.

    so i tried ur recipe for butter chicken and it turned out amazing

    thank you so much!

    i hate it when i find a recipe and it taste like crap

    thanks for helping me impress my inlaws and my husband!

    keep up the good work and keep the recipe’s coming

    cant wait to try another recipe


  27. Akhil

    Hi, I tried this day before yesterday and I think this was the best chicken (not just butter) I ever cooked..It was simply delicious. My wife have also tried your other recipes too. Keep it up!.


  28. Richa Gupta

    I will be making this dish tomorrow and have kept chicken for overnight marination.
    Will let you know how it came out~

    Thanks so much for the wonderful recipe!

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