Broccoli Curry

Written by Mullai

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  1. Chris

    Hi, I found your recipe doing a general search for broccoli and curry leaves. I made it very close to it as written, and it’s pretty tasty. I cook a lot of Indian food from different regions though I’m originally a midwesterner. I think the spice/onion mix tastes great, though I wish it was a little more saucy, both for texture and to get more flavor on the broccoli. I realized it wouldn’t be aucy from reading the recipe of course. I wonder what would happen if I added a little water and cooked it down. I used channa that I had cooked last night for something else so everything worked out great. Oh, I tripled the recipe but fried the broccoli in batches.

  2. adam

    Tried this and it has potential but the recipie made no sense to me… the Bengal gram (chick peas if I am correct) need an overnight soak and a full separate cook to be of any use unless using canned ones – the 1 hour soak means they are hard and inedible if the recipie is followed as above.
    The split black gram is listed as 1/4 teaspoon if I read correct and mentions no PR cooking – this is a tiny amount for a lentil to be used in a recipie and of course remains totally uncooked…. I must be missing something here? Anyone have any ideas???

  3. LIRA

    Thx Mullai… Dad has brought a couple of fresh broccoli yesterday & mom was wondering what to do with them… previously mom had cooked broccoli as that of cauliflower… But this time she wanted to make something new. I had shown her about 60 recipes on internet. But finally she liked your recipe the most 🙂
    And its a big hit!!! 🙂

  4. namratha

    sperb recipe tried it yesterday and it was a big hit……thank u very much mullai for coming up with tasty and healthy recipes…

  5. Deepa V Kumar

    Hi mullai
    This broccoli recipe is a boon.. My husband got be some good fresh oraganic Broccoli and I was wondering what to do with it, when I stumbeld on this recipe.Yummy


  6. cnshubha

    HI Mullai, i am new to this site. So far i love the recipes. haven't tried anything yet. i am expecting and i love idea of cooking healthy veggies in a tasty way. Thanks a lot 🙂

  7. jeyalakshmi

    Mullai, thanks a lot. ivloo nallaa irukumnu nenaikavae ilai. This is delicious 🙂 I didnt add bengal gram bcos I didnt have time to soak. Even then it was very nice.

    1. Mullai

      Aruna, its indeed a dry dish but water content in the veggie should help to stabilise. Frying too long could also make it dry, better to avoid too much reheating in the microwave. Sprinkle few drops of water before reheating and loosely cover with the lid. Hope this helps.

  8. Sanjana shah

    i cant figure it out. where is the curry. istn curry supposed to be a gravy. but this dish looks dry albeit very appetising. i love the riot of colors. im goin gto try it tomorrow ill let you know how it turns. im tempted to add rice to this mix and make a brocolli pulao perhaps?????
    I might experiment since im alone for lunch tomorrow. Just feel like some long grained basmati rice will make this dish look even better.

  9. Madhavi

    hi ma
    i tried this recipe. it came out well.
    the only thing is i failed to fry the veg.
    So it was crunchy and the dish was very dry.
    May be d next time i will try in the exact way.

  10. shan

    I made this dish today…really good. Thanks again for ur great effort and keep up the great work…Also try posting these kind of different veggie curry’s.

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