Black Forest cake

Written by SumithaDinesh


  1. sworna

    Right now Iam actually preparing cake following your recipe.Under mixing cake ingredients,in step C you have mentioned to beat the egg whites and sugar.again in step D you have asked to beat the egg white and sugar until the mixture turns pale yellow.can you pls clarify on that.Is it the whites or the yolk you are refering to?in stepE you have mentioned to add the egg white mixture to the yolk mixture.what do you mean by yolk mixture?Kindly clarify pls.

    1. SumithaDinesh

      Beat Egg white and half sugar first—>1

      Beat Egg yolk and half sugar next—>2

      slowly pour 1 into 2.Hope this helps.

      Yolk + sugar +vanilla extracts is yolk mixture.

  2. shan

    cake cut pannitu oru slice photo eduthu potirunthaa…innum tasty ah irunthirukkum…Naanga ellam sapta feeling kadaikumlaa.

    Have a great day

  3. abhimuthu

    I like this cake and I send this often to my home for special occasions ordering via internet. The decoration is tempting and has come out really good similar to the ones pastry chefs would decorate.
    Keep up your good work.

    1. SumithaDinesh

      Hi Abhi!!!

                 Thanx Abi..Next u can Do it by urself and send it Abhi…Give a try and let me know how ur family felt..

  4. sworna

    hi sumitha,
    I happened to see heavy whipping(ultra pasteurised)cream in the supermarket.Is it same as the heavy cream you have mentioned?can we use it to prepare the frosting?

    1. SumithaDinesh

      U r rite sworna..Itz the same as wat i used.If u just check the picture of step 3 U can c it sworna.Itz on the side view.

  5. priyasudha

    Wow..amazing work Sumitha..really its yummy n tempting..My favourite cake..thanks for sharing..I would like to suggest something, for whipping u have told to keep a bowl n beaters in freezer, instead of that take a large bowl with icecubes n keep the bowl u gonna use for whipping..whipping will be easier..try this n let me know..for whipping to be easier icing sugar will help u lot instead of sugar..coz i used to do whipping cream in home itself..just a suggestion..thanks


    1. SumithaDinesh

      Thanx Priya..I welcome ur suggestion.I just followed one among the easiest method to make the whipping cream.I will follow urs and let u know :-).

  6. anithashankar

    Wow! Great Work. The cake looks very yummy.
    A small piece of unsolicited advice for you 😉 . Are you keeping the electric hand mixer in the freezer?( or did I get it wrong?) If so, Pls don’t do that. Dripping water droplets from the freezer’s roof may get in to the electric mixer and may be hazardous.

    1. SumithaDinesh

      Hi Anitha!!!

               Thanx for the lovely comments.Anitha ,I kept the beaters alone.V can eject the beaters from the Electric hand mixture.

      1. manjupriya

        Your cake looks awesome!! My favourite cake..

        Sumitha, if you don't mind, please change your Step 1 instruction as you have mentioned on the comments section. Just in case if someone gets over-enthusiastic and proceed with the Step 1 without reading the comments.  



    hai sumi superb presentation and its really tempting ,will prepare next week and will let u know how it turned out thanx for posting this recipe

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