Baingan Bharta

Written by Mullai

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  1. bindifry

    i made this twice in one week-first with green thai eggplant & then small purple round ones. both were fantastic! i CRAVE this & it’s super easy & tasty with fresh parothas

  2. meena vairavan

    luved the recipe….tasted very good….i didn’t have lemon or yogurt so added little amchur powder, worked very well……my hubby muthu says mr.madhavan is one lucky guy.

  3. Deepa V Kumar

    Dear mullai, you have mentioned that authentic Punjabi style includes yogurt and lemon juice , could you also explain how to add this in this recipe , the quantity and the order of appearence … I hope am not bothering you with all my doubts…as u've not responded to any.. Thnx for all those delicious postings Deepa

    1. Mullai


      Yogurt and lemon juice is added to give light sourness to the dish. Yogurt – 1 tbsp is added along with tomatoes and few drops of lemon juice at the last stage like a garnish. But we prefer it spicy rather than being sour.. so I've given it as an option. Just for your info… it will be too sour and proceed only if you like that way, I don't want you spoil the whole dish, always try on a small batch.

      1. Deepa V Kumar

        hi mullai,

        I tried it yesterday wthout lemon and yoghurt and it came out son liked it…

        i guessi will not use lemon and yog , as my husband does not like sour dishes…

        thnx a ton…


  4. Ramya Ashok

    Mullai,Jst fnshd preparing baingan bharta as a side for chapathi…
    i toasted the brinjals in the electric coil(saw my mo-in-law did like ths once.still scared of alarm).hope it has come out gud.Will let u know after dinner mullai. sollavaa vaenum.spiceindiaonline always yields ultimate output…next time i’ll try in the conventional oven n let u know.

  5. durga

    Hi, what would be the difference between u r recipe and restaurant recipe..Do they add any cream to get rich taste??

    Could u plz clarify my doubt?? plzzz


    1. Mullai


      I've just shared my way of preparing this dish, each restaurant has its own style and I'm not a pro to clarify your doubt. Sorry.

      1. Durga

        hi thankx a lot for u r immediate give explanation about dishes very well and clarify many doubts…thats y I asked u about that.. I really admire u r dishes and even photos 🙂 . By the way what camera u r using?? coz photos are really really awesome….And I admire the way u present the dish in the photos…When i look at those ..I feel like really jealous about u 🙂 man ..U R THE BEST thankx

  6. Manoo

    could u pls bold the terms of brinjal in other languages. Hope it gets the attention much than the italics. just a suggestion mam.. 

    ANd its great tat they call it in malayalam as something similar to vazhuthunangai. coz in tamil early days poem (owvaiyar's if iam not mistaken) has that word and we use it in literature still.  Coooooool na

  7. namratha

    thanks alot for posting this recipe….was in search for this recipe from long time…….will try it soon and will let u know how it turned out……

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